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What’s cool? The answer to that question changes constantly. Like anything in pop culture, our idea of “cool” is a reflection of the current time. Our friends at Poki have decided to launch a collection of the coolest games on the web.

Today, it’s filled with fast-paced multiplayer titles, intense adventures, and much more. Tomorrow, it might look a little bit different. Let’s look at the coolest games on the market today.

Playing with Others

.io games connect players from across the globe. started the hassle-free multiplayer craze in 2015, and it’s still thriving more than a year later. Poki’s “Cool Games” collection includes the most notable successors, including the ever-popular and more recent All of these games let you start playing against others within seconds. There’s no need to sign up or learn complex control schemes. Beware, .io games are just as addictive as they are fun.


21st-Century Arcade
No longer are we subjected to traveling to a strip mall and doling out quarters to play. In this day and age, arcade fun is to be had at home. Many of the Poki-curated cool games belong to the arcade category. Titles like Color Switch, Epic Combo, and Building Demolisher are just plain fun, pure and simple. Much like .io games, the arcade titles in this collection don’t have steep learning curves. Instead, they get players into the action instantly.

A fair portion of Poki’s cool games belong to popular series. Fireboy and Watergirl, Papa’s Bakeria, and Trollface Quest are wildly different games. But, they share at least one quality: they’re cool. These series send you on adventures with magical elements, let you run a restaurant, and dare you to pull pranks on unsuspecting characters. The unique aspects of these franchises have been refined with each sequel. Try them all to see what you like best, and look forward to the next installment of trendy fun.

Sports to the Extreme
Extreme sports aren’t for the faint of heart. The cool games on Poki include everything from basic soccer to death-defying motocross stunts. Toon Cup 2016 lets players compete with their favorite Cartoon Network characters. Dunkers is a high-flying basketball game with retro aesthetics. Going even more extreme, Moto X3M is a top-notch dirt bike game with out-of-this-world courses. If you thought the X Games showcased dangerous tricks, think again.


Keeping Things Official
Every large game collection needs some licensed hits. Poki’s cool games include titles ranging from Star Wars to Lego Ninjago. There’s also a racing game based on Disney-Pixar’s Cars and a fun adventure with Harry Potter. These titles will surely change along with the times, as new movies and TV shows will inspire new games.

The concept of “cool” ensures that this collection will never be the same for too long. What’s hip today might not be in the near future. As such, we recommend checking out the current assortment of cool games and developing a few favorites. Then, be open to the change, and pick out some new favorites tomorrow.

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