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Doom Will be a 47GB Install on PS4

According to the pre-order data for DOOM on PSN, the install weighs in at a very hefty 47GB. For an FPS, that is a gigantic install!

To put that in perspective, Grand Theft Auto V on my PS4 clocks in at 53.4GB with most of the DLC packs, The Witcher 3 is 38.8GB, and Fallout 4 (base game) is only 34.5GB.

So there is probably a whopping amount of content in DOOM to require that much space. I would expect a pretty robust single player campaign with some huge maps, and of course all that and more for multiplayer.

I can’t speak as to what else may be in DOOM, but I look forward to seeing what might be in store for all of us when it drops this Friday, May 13th.

If you don’t have enough space on your PS4 HD, now might be time to clean off that drive of old games and backup those game capture videos!

SourceGame Idealist