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When I initially heard the title FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush, I assumed the game was some sort of soccer simulation. I was wrong. Although the main characters are soccer superstars, FCB Ultimate Rush is actually an endless runner geared towards every gamer. Available on Poki, this game is very well-designed, and it has a deep questing and reward system that’s got me downright addicted.

FC Barcelona

The premise is simple: run, collect gold, and don’t get hit. Fans of the endless runner genre will know exactly how to play instantly. You can run left and right to dodge big obstacles, leap over short ones, and slide underneath overhead dangers. But, FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush (you can play it But, FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush (you can play it here) has a few tricks up its sleeve. During each run, your player can pick up soccer balls. Then, when a bull’s-eye is visible on a crate, you can kick the ball through the box. Hit the target for a big reward, and repeat. There’s also a special bonus round that begins in the middle of certain runs. Your athlete will magically appear in the middle of Camp Nou. Surrounded by thousands of cheering fans, you can jump to perform perfect headers and score even more.”

Most endless runners don’t feature a handful of the world’s best athletes. FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush is an exception, containing real superstars, including Lionel Messi and Neymar Junior. Even if you don’t follow Spain’s legendary football club, it’s hard not to like these players. Each athlete, from Bravo to Suarez, has a special skill for better performances. Many of the skills can be thought of as power-ups, providing a quick boost of energy or strength during a run. After amassing enough gold, you can level up each skill to set even higher scores.

A major aspect of FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush is the quest campaign. There are multiple challenges within nearly 20 different quests. These include collections of small, attainable goals, such as gathering 150 coins or hitting 6 targets during one run. Much like a campaign in an RPG, the quests in this game are stepping stones towards a bigger goal. They start out easy and gradually become more and more difficult. In order to complete the mid-level and advanced quests, you must have a healthy squad of upgraded players.


Scratchers add another fun element to the game. Perhaps better known as scratch cards, these fun mini-games give you the chance to win additional rewards. You can earn scratchers by finishing quests and individual challenges. Scratchers are a lot of fun because the odds of winning are quite favorable. I seem to get at least a small reward nearly every time I play.

Certain games have unstoppable mass appeal. If you’re not a soccer player or FIFA fan, don’t worry; you don’t need to know a thing about soccer to enjoy FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush. Instead, enjoy this game for what it is: a slick, entertaining endless runner that’s loosely based around the best soccer players in Spain.

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