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Report: Nintendo NX Delayed So VR Can be Added

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When it was announced that the Nintendo NX would release in March of 2017, but also miss this year’s E3, I knew something didn’t quite add up. There’s no way you can release a console so soon without making a big splash on the biggest stage in gaming. Well now E3 2017 may be likely for Nintendo as a report says that production for the Nintendo NX has been delayed to include Virtual-Reality (VR).

VR is the new talk in the industry, and every major tech company is making adjustments to include VR into their eco-system. At E3 2016 we’re expecting VR to be the one over-arching subject that finds its way into every press conference, so it makes sense that Nintendo would want to get a piece of the action to make their next console more future-proof. To be honest, it’s surprising that VR wasn’t their main strategy for the NX to begin with.

While the delay is likely in effect based on what the report says, the delay may not be too far apart from the original release window. Supposedly parts of the console will still be in production by the end of 2016, but the majority of the consoles production is scheduled for early 2017.

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