Review of Pelé: Soccer Legend

Poki Games has teamed up with developer Cosi Games to bring a fun new soccer game to the web. Pelé: Soccer Legend is a new soccer experience, featuring the Brazilian legend himself. In the career mode you can follow Pelé’s footsteps and work your way up from the backstreets of Brazil to
all-time world champion.

You can play Pelé: Soccer Legend on the following platforms:

Here’s our review of the game to give you an idea of what to expect with Pelé: Soccer Legend.

Soccer Legend with Pele

Concept: 5/5

This game lets players become the world’s best soccer athlete. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, you’ll embark upon a goal-scoring journey from humble beginnings to superstardom. The storyline is intriguing, taking players from easy solo missions to very tough team challenges. No two levels are the same. You’ll have to score goals in the alleys of Brazil. Some streets are empty, and others are filled with defenders. Learning how to perform all of Pelé’s signature moves is both fun and rewarding.

Features: 3/5

There are several different versions of Pelé: Soccer Legend. This review pertains to the web version, which has less features than the mobile app. Available for free on Poki, the web version of Pelé: Soccer Legend contains the essential game elements. There are 20 levels, each of which has different goal-scoring missions. If you’re looking for a straightforward penalty-kick soccer game, this is it. However, the mobile version of Pelé: Soccer Legend has many additional levels and features. There’s a locker room with custom outfits, thousands of challenges, and a multiplayer mode. All of those extra features are merely an extension of the web version, which is already better than most other soccer games.

Graphics: 4/5

Pelé: Soccer Legend looks and feels quite slick. The GUI is clear and easy to read, with real pictures of Pelé to guide you on the road to stardom. When playing, you will enjoy bright, 3D graphics that look great on any relatively modern device. Since the game loads very quickly and hardly requires any local hard drive space, the graphics aren’t photorealistic. For instance, there are some jagged edges and lower-res textures. Overall, the graphics accomplish their mission of making you feel like you’re playing soccer in urban Brazil. Pelé: Soccer Legend doesn’t compete with FIFA 17, but it still looks great.

Gameplay: 4/5
The action in this game is bound to impress. Throughout all 20 levels, you’ll need to continuously improve to succeed. The first few stages aren’t very difficult, but they do require some skill. Pelé himself will provide tips, helping you learn how to kick straight, curve the ball, and perform trick shots. At first, all you have to do is score on an empty net. Eventually, you’ll face tough goalkeepers with lightning-quick reflexes. Scoring once isn’t enough. In this game, you must score several goals to advance. This ensures that each level remains challenging, and you can’t rely on luck to advance. If you want to win, you’ll have to be as good as Pelé!

Overall Score: 4/5
Pelé: Soccer Legend is an excellent sports game. The web version contains all of the necessary ingredients for long-lasting fun: addictive gameplay, challenging rounds, and an interesting concept. The mobile app has many additional levels and features, but none of those are essential. If you want to play a penalty-kick game like none other, Pelé: Soccer Legend is the perfect choice. If you master all 20 levels, then it might be time to consider the mobile version.