Starbreeze Announces Payday 3 after Regaining Rights for the Series

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The company that houses the original developers (Overkill) of the Payday games, Starbreeze, has today announced Payday 3. This news comes after the announcement that Starbreeze had regained the rights of the Payday series from 505 Games.

Previously Starbreeze had offered 505 Games rights to the series in exchange for funding the console versions of the games. Now a new deal between the companies has allowed the rights to return to Starbreeze in exchange for a profit share. To be specific, 505 Games will retain a 33 percent of the revenue from Payday 3, capped at $40 million.

More good news has come out this arrangement too, as it has been revealed that Starbreeze plans to remove Micro-transactions from Payday 2. On top of this, the skill tree will receive an overhaul, and more updates are expected in the future.

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