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Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. Rise to power, and dominate all of those around you. These are the themes of .io games. Below, we’ll take a comprehensive look at why these multiplayer titles are so much fun. is the colorful, elementary-looking game that started it all. Released in early 2015, puts players in charge of single-celled organisms. Each cell can consume anything smaller than itself. In doing so, the dominating cell grows and becomes a more severe threat. Uninterrupted game sessions can last anywhere between a few seconds and countless pulse-pounding minutes. Everyone seeks to eat you, and you seek to eat them!, initially available only via web browsers, quickly went viral. It was later released for Android and iOS devices, where it thrived (and continues to do so) with touchscreen controls and customizable skins.

Officially released in 2016, is a successful tribute to both and Snake. In this chart-topping multiplayer adventure, players try to trap each other. When a snake dies, its body turns into glowing orbs. dares players to eat orbs and grow longer, making it easier to trap others. There are a few key elements that make a bit more fun than Most notably, its graphics are a vast improvement over the overtly basic, 2D world of Also, rewards the top player of the day. The longest snake can post a victory message for all competitors to see. It pays to be the best!

One of the newest and most fun .io games is Upon first glance, it is vastly different than its predecessors. With nostalgic graphics and an isometric view, is much more than a top-down multiplayer game. The welcome screen is filled with a long list of the latest updates, implying that its developers are working hard on improvements. The current game appears to be running in the background, and we can see mighty beasts splattering tiny opponents beneath them. What kind of gruesome battle are we about to enter?

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Before fighting, players can name their grunt and choose to join a guild. The fact that guilds are available tells us that we don’t have to play alone. Unlike the solo free-for-all in other .io games, allows players to team up for ranked bouts. Speaking of ranked games, is definitely more complex than and There are several different ranking systems and leaderboards that appear on both sides of the screen. There are team battles, solo fights, and ratings sorted by country. Players need to learn a small set of moves, and there are multiple attacks that vary by weapon.

If you don’t mind a steeper learning curve, offers a hectic, engaging war experience. The retro-inspired 3D graphics might appeal to some gamers, but they do come at the cost of heftier processing requirements. Every now and then, might lag a bit. Accounting for all of its extra features, though, a little lag is the byproduct of an otherwise satisfying game.

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