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There are a few key ingredients in every successful casual game. Color Switch, the latest one-button title, scores top marks. It’s very fun, extremely simple, and downright addictive. If you thought Flappy Bird was the last great game of its class, think again.

One click—that’s all all it takes to play. In Color Switch, you will guide a little orb through an endless maze of obstacles. There are spinning circles, ninja stars, and rainbow-colored barriers in your way. As with many other mobile arcade games, timing is everything. There’s bouncing, flying, and falling. Fractions of a second mark the difference between life and death.

Color Switch will test your reflexes, strategy, and gusto. Because no two rounds are the same, players must make different moves every time. There is no way to plan, rehearse, or program the perfect route. This significantly boosts the difficulty level and replay value of the game. Cheaters and macro makers, be warned: Color Switch can’t be won by a bot.

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Purple, yellow, teal, and pink are the only hues in play. And the name of the game says it all: players must adapt to changing colors. The only way to move through an obstacle is to match its hue. However, most barriers are comprised of all four colors. The color of your orb determines which parts of each obstacle are safe to touch. In the middle of each obstacle is a white star. Glide through the star, and your score increases. It’s that easy…or is it?

This game is difficult and fun right from the very beginning. Your starting color is chosen randomly, and it will change countless times during each session. Sometimes the journey to a high score is straightforward. At other times, it may be extremely hard to score just a few points, because the colors simply don’t align in an ideal way. That’s why Color Switch is so great to play on Poki. Every round really is different, so repetition isn’t an issue.

The web version of Color Switch features the main gameplay mode, which provides hours of fun on its own. The mobile version includes 10 unique modes, including Races, Split, and Bounce. These alternatives change the entire way gamers must play. In Races, there’s no time to wait for the perfect move, because ghost orbs will pass by you in a flash. In Split gameplay, one orb must divide itself to avoid a whole new set of obstacles. Bounce mode feels like a modern, revamped version of Breakout.

Despite being a new title, Color Switch is finely tuned for a deeply satisfying gaming experience. Whether you play on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, the addictive nature remains.

Take a few minutes to try Color Switch, and you’ll probably get hooked for hours. Even after a couple of weeks, we’ve found that the rainbow of colorful obstacles hasn’t gotten old. You can look for tips and tricks, but there’s no shortcut to success in this practically perfect game.

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