These Powerpuff Girls Games Are Surprisingly Addictive

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I have to admit something. When I was younger the Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network was a guilty pleasure of mine. There was something about a bunch of no-nonsense super powered girls kicking ass that I found exciting to watch, and the bluntness of the humor always appealed to me, even when I was a young adult.

Even with my secret obsession with the show, if you told me that I’d be excited to play a Powerpuff Girls browser game decades later, I’d laugh. Yet here I am clicking away at my computer trying to reach the highest score possible all while teaching Mojo JoJo a lesson he’ll never forget.

There’s a selection of fun PowerPuff Girls browser games to choose from, but my personal favourite is the Powerpuff Girls: Trail Blazer game.

Powerpuff Girls: Trail Blazers is a really fun game

Flappy Birds addicts will appreciate Powerpuff Girls: Trail Blazer as it’s simple but addictive; it had me hooked trying to get a higher score each time. The concept is simple, the Powerpuff Girls fly in formation, and you must click to make them either fly in or out of formation based on the obstacles that appear.

I’m not urging you to throw away your life to indulge in Powerpuff Girls browser games; but if you’re like me and have moments where all focus is lost and the only thing that can snap you back to reality is a small dose of butt-kicking school girls, then check out the selection of fun Powerpuff Girls games on offer.

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