We Salute You, Video Game Characters Who Would Make Great Presidents

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Happy President’s Day, America! It’s been an eventful presidential season so far, and on this day as the country looks back at the legacies of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, I will pay tribute to video game characters who would make great leaders, including two you may not imagine.

The Expected Leader

Being the leader of a country takes strong will, passion, the ability to reason, and be compassionate towards others. Master Chief’s background in the military further proves his ability to negotiate, take command of situations, and be the strategist. Whether it’s leading troops into battle or taking situations into his own hands as he balances the budget, he’s able to accurately decide when to make his presence known to others or to stay silent and invisible while letting others rightfully take the glory.

As president he will have to face harsh criticism. As someone who was seen the face of death and watched his friends die long before we came to know him as Master Chief, he reinforces the point he has the experience needed to be a leader.

Like any other president, he is nothing without his first lady, Cortana. Without bias she helps guide Master Chief to do the right thing. She is his sounding board and the keeper of secrets. Yet she is able to bring out the best in him, helping him see what needs to done yet allowing him the freedom to come to his own conclusion.

The Underdog


The one thing elections have taught us is that nothing is predictable. Numerous times people who appeared be to winners have failed to gain the votes needed to make it on the main stage, whether through their own undoing or by others. Then there are those who no one takes seriously, yet they remain focused and tough it out. Never quite leading the pack, they never give up.

Say hello to Joel. He has faced heartbreak, loss, and tasted revenge. While the term “hero” could be used loosely to describe him, at the end of the day, he is human. He feels, he bleeds, and he rages. He’s killed and has given his all to a world that has seemingly turned its back on him.  Far from the cookie-cutter image politicians like to hide behind, why not a president who lays it all out in the open? He’s a man of the people, and doesn’t need to rely on speechwriters to tell him how to address various issues facing economical hardship or the loss of a child. He may not come from an educated or military background, but he’s a fighter and a survivor.

When he met Ellie he finally found purpose again. Becoming a father-like figure to her, he protected her at all costs. This is where he walks the fine line between right and wrong. As president, he will have to face the tough decisions; lives will be lost or saved by his command. When Joel went on a killing spree to protect Ellie, he sacrificed the lives of many for one. While people may not have agreed with this decision, he did what was necessary, the same factor that any president has and will face. Would you not do the same thing for your child or country?

The Wild Card


Samus Aran has been there from the beginning, breaking down barriers by becoming the first major female protagonist in a video game.

Laughing in the face of her detractors, a woman in a male-dominated role, Samus has the stamina and power to be the leader. Hard to define, she was orphaned only to grow up to be protector of the galaxy. A keeper of secrets, not much is know about her life. A huntress to some and an enigma to others, she demands and commands respect and fear wherever she goes, proving she’s more than just another pretty face.

By the age of 14, Samus had surpassed the limits of most most humans. Despite her tough exterior, she has compassion for others; like when she encountered a flock of Iona Faria that had gone insane. Nicknamed “Lady” by Adam Malkovich, Samus become a name you could trust and admire. Respect by her colleges, Samus is the kind of leader that’s leader in a country that ready for equality.


Those are just some of my picks for which video game characters would be great presidents but who would you like to see in the White House? Let us know in the comments below!

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