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World of Final Fantasy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

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People have spent so much time talking about Final Fantasy XV that they’ve forgotten about the secondary Final Fantasy game that is releasing this very month. Granted, Square Enix is clearly going to spend more marketing dollars on Final Fantasy XV, but gamers need to understand that the World of Final Fantasy isn’t simply ‘Final Fantasy for kids’. Yes the chibi sprites make the game look like something more appealing to younger gamers, but this is also going to be a pretty exciting experience for mature Final Fantasy fans also. Furthermore, it’s great to know that you’ll be able to provide an entry point into the series for the younger generation.

The old phrase “never judge a book by its cover” applies to this game. I think most people will be surprised if they actually take a look at how this game plays beyond just the trailers we’ve been shown. You can check out the PlayStation Access video above to see it in action, but for now here are my own 5 reasons why you should be excited for World of Final Fantasy.

Mirages in World of Final Fantasy

If you liked Pokemon, you’re going to love World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is essentially Pokemon in the Final Fantasy universe. Main characters Lann and Reynn are gifted with the ability to capture Mirages, the monsters that inhibit Grymoire. They must use the help of the Mirages to fight off the Bahamut Army. This style of monster collecting has become widely popular since the emergence of Pokemon decades ago, and now it’s pretty awesome to be able to experience this concept as a main component in a Final Fantasy game. To be clear though, monster collecting isn’t exactly new to Final Fantasy. We’ve seen monster collecting and hunting be mini-games in various Final Fantasy games before. World of Final Fantasy simply champions the concept.

World of Final Fantasy full size battle

It’s not all Chibi sprites

The small chibi sprites seem to be the most off-putting thing for hardcore gamers, but did you know that the entire game isn’t actually like that? Lann and Reynn are known as “Jiants” and they have full body character models. Most of the chibi sprites come by way of the summons. Your main characters will also appear chibi when you mount the various creatures in the universe. You can also choose whether you engage battle as a chibi or normal sprite, and this can actually impact the course of the battle.

Cloud in World of Final Fantasy

Fan service for Final Fantasy enthusiasts

What’s a Final Fantasy game without summons? In World of Final Fantasy you’ll actually be able to summon some of your favorite characters from the series; including Cloud, Tidus, Lightning, Vivi, Sephiroth and more. If you check out the video above, you’ll get to see this summoning system in action. It was impressive to see chibi-Tidus pull off his special Blitz Ball ability in combat when summoned, and I’m excited to see what the summons for other characters will look like.

World of Final Fantasy battle

Fun turn-based combat

Many don’t know that World of Final Fantasy has a fully realized battle system reminiscent of Final Fantasy X. Die-hard Final Fantasy fans are split over which type of battle system is better between turn-based and real-time. We’re already getting Final Fantasy XV, which is focused on real-time combat. So it’s a blessing to be able to get a more traditional turn-based battle experience in this game. As per usual, you can pick between physical and magic attacks, and you can customize your equipment however you like. Stacking also adds to the experience, making it feel even more challenging.

Speaking of which…

A pic showing stacking in World of Final Fantasy

Stacking gives the game a tactical feel

All the Mirage characters you capture can be stacked on your characters to give you different buffs and abilities. For example, stacking fire based creatures gives you buffs against any fire attacks. This is a cute, but fun way to provide a tactical challenge to the experience. There are so many combinations to explore with the stacking system, and I can’t wait to trade tips with other players. Word on the street is that you may even be able to take this system online somehow (but don’t quote me).

Are You Looking Forward to World of Final Fantasy?

It’s clear that this game may go under the radar due to its visuals, but if you look skin deep you’ll see that World of Final Fantasy is shaping up to be a fun experience for both FF and RPG fans. Let us know if you’re interested in getting this game below.

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