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The .io world is plagued with clones, clones, and more clones. With so many similar titles, the best ones may be overlooked. Today, we’re shedding our snakeskin and entering the slimy world of It’s the best .io game to be released in quite a while. Whether or not you’ve already spent hours competing in .io games, is worth your time.

Worms or Snakes?

Even the most original ideas are inspired by something. There’s no mystery regarding the origin of, as it is directly based upon the foundation laid by Some would call a copycat, and they would be right; its graphics, gameplay, and interface are unmistakably lifted from the snaky multiplayer phenomenon. Regardless of whether your character is known as a worm or snake, the concept is the same: slither across the arena and cut off your opponents.

Going Underground

Upon startup, it’s clear that has many more layers than There are Shops and Premium buttons, which give players access to a host of additional features. Gamers can also register to keep track of their all-time progress. The registration process is simple, requiring only an email address and password. also gives gamers the option to play with friends. With the click of one button, you can receive a party link to share with friends. This is an invaluable feature for those who want to play in private game rooms with pals.

Wormax.Io artwork

Dollars for Upgrades includes dozens of “artifacts.” These are essentially skill upgrades that make it easier to stay alive. In order to purchase artifacts, you must spend “essence” points, which cost real money. For those who seek the fast track to the top of the leaderboard, artifacts are very helpful. They can increase the duration of in-game abilities and decrease cooldown periods. There are seven different types of artifacts, each of which is available in four tiers of effectiveness. The best players might not need to purchase artifacts, but the boosts are a helpful shortcut to victory.


Much like other successful .io games, lets players choose from a wide selection of skins. For access to one of the 40+ flashy designs, you must share a link to the game on Facebook, Twitter, or VK. Doing so lets you play as a wormlike cat, tiger, sheep, cow, or dog. There are also skins that represent various nations’ colors. If you want to look unique, sharing a game link on social media is essential.

Cloned for Success is a new game, and surges in traffic occasionally bog down the servers. When that happens, you might experience an animation glitch. The issue is hopefully temporary, and it’s countered by all of’s extra features.

Most .io games aren’t based on an original concept. Truth be told, is a shameless clone of However, expands upon its successful predecessor with many new elements. If you’re ready to enjoy a next-level version of, crawl to Poki for snaky fun.