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Badland is a different type of casual game. It has more levels than most in its class. The graphics in Badland are one-of-a-kind, and the sounds within are downright magical. Technically, Badland is an endless runner. Players fly to the right, passing obstacles and trying to stay within view. Unlike Flappy Bird, however, Badland is mostly free of frustration. But it’s equally addictive.

Flying at Dawn

The sun is rising, birds are singing, and a few insects are fluttering their wings. The views are breathtaking, and the sounds are just as enchanting. Badland paints a dreamlike picture, where the world itself glows at all times. The foreground, however, is overshadowed by its surroundings. In other words, your characters and all nearby objects are completely cloaked. This results in a very interesting visual style. There aren’t any distracting explosions or lasers. When you bust through a hanging tree branch, the black wood falls to the black grass. Your shadowy creature will continue flying ahead, free of distractions.


Learning to Soar

One button is all you need to take flight. With a single click or press of the “up” arrow, players can glide through landscapes that are downright out of this world. The physics of gravity are quite realistic in Badland, making it feel even more immersive. When soaring high through a wide-open space, players will gain speed due to lack of resistance. When falling from great heights, beasts bounce and tumble on the ground with unforgiving realism. Players can roll along hills, swing through rotating contraptions, and bash through thin barriers. Just like in real life, more experience leads to better control.

Modifying Reality

With 300 total missions, Badland could suffer from repetition. Fear not! All of the levels are different from one another. There are countless types of traps and obstacles that threaten to hinder safe flight. In Badland, there’s not always one clear way to win. If there’s a big boulder in your path, you could get a shrinking pod and fly around the rock. Or, rescue a few clones, and team up to knock over the boulder.

The same power-ups aren’t always available in the same places. As such, how you choose to advance will depend on your surroundings. As referenced in the title of Level 2 (“Size Matters”), growing and shrinking is a major part of Badland. Certain pathways only allow tiny creatures to pass. Without the proper power-up, narrow bridges and tunnels are impossible to cross. Many of the more inventive obstacles require large, heavy creatures. To push through a wooden plank, you might need weight to build momentum. Or, simultaneously flying 15 small clones into the plank could do the trick.

Deep Value

Every level has a unique name and purpose. Some teach you lessons, and others challenge your wit. After enjoying hours and hours completing all of the tasks in Day 1 and Day 2, you can enter the bonus realms of Daydream and Doomsday. As you might expect, even more greatness awaits in the extra levels of Badland. Play it here!

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