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Extinction: 4 Things You Should Know About Iron Galaxy’s Ogre Slayer

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In a saturated industry, it becomes difficult to come up with original concepts. What stands out about Iron Galaxy’s Ogre slayer Extinction is that it borrows elements that we all understand and weaves them into a promising package.

At E3 2017 this week, I got to see a presentation of the game, which was an alpha build. I also managed to ask the team at Iron Galaxy some questions about the game. Here’s a list of everything we learned.

You are humanity’s last hope

In Extinction, you play as Avil, who is the last man standing in a group called the Sentinels. The Sentinels were formed to take down the man-eating beasts known as the Ravenii, who have brought society to the brink of extinction (hence the name). It was made clear that Avil was the last hope; but there were hints that Avil may not always be alone.

extinction screenshot

It has a killer Parkour system

Avil is capable of climbing, running, swinging and jumping on any structure in your path. This really comes in handy when you’re facing off against giant Ogre’s. Many are comparing Extinction‘s approach to Ogre slaying to popular anime Attack on Titan as it’s possible to pull of enthralling in air executions in the same fashion.

An added bonus is that you can even slow down time for a split second as you leap building to building to make a decision where to end up.

It includes a tactical combat system

The combat system in Extinction is quite intricate and there are many exploits you can take advantage of to slay an Ogre. When you see an Ogre destroying the town for instance, you can use your sword and your speed to chop one of its legs off, sending it to the ground. This will prevent the Ogre from causing too much damage in the area and will allow you to fight it on even footing (so to speak). Be wary, because Ogres can also regenerate their limbs.

The only way to really take out an Ogre and prevent it from regenerating is to decapitate it. This isn’t something that’s easy to do; it’s often a gradual procedure that involves taking out some of its limbs and weakening it before attempting to execute your giant foe. The Iron Galaxy reps made it clear to me that you won’t make it too far by just button mashing in this game; you need to truly understand what each of your abilities can be used for so that you can utilize them to their full potential.


There are different mode types

Although the story mode is the real draw, there are also other ways to enjoy Extinction‘s combat system. There’s a wave based Extinction Mode that allows you to take on endless waves of Ogres. There will also be custom battles.

Extinction is currently set for release in late 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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