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Absolver Hands On – 2D Fighting in a 3D World

Anyone who knows me knows fighting games aren’t my strong suit, with Super Smash Bros. being the only exception – and that hardly counts. It’s the only genre that doesn’t click with me no matter how hard I try. I have long since given up on it. Then I tried Absolver.

Now, it’s important to note that Absolver isn’t a traditional 2D fighter. Developer Sloclap skipped the norm and brought that 2D style into a seamless online 3D world. This change alone makes the genre more accessible, with more room to dodge, parry, and surprise enemies.

I know “accessible” can be a bad word when talking games, as it usually means depth is sacrificed for simplicity. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Absolver, due to its combat deck.

Accessibility Without Sacrificing Depth

The combat deck is Absolver’s bread and butter, and you use it to create your own unique playstyle. A basic punch + punch + uppercut combo is entirely viable, but once you unlock more attacks, you can change it up with a sweep + uppercut + kick. Or, if you have a weapon, a sweep + sword attack + uppercut. It’s all up to you.

Combat decks are saved into four different stances, and they can be switched when you please. Once locked down, your combo can turn into sweep from stance one + sword attack from stance three + jump kick from stance two. Each move in the combat deck has an alternative movement. The number of combinations is next to endless.

Moves are categorized into combat styles, each with its own special ability. The first three styles are unlocked from the beginning, with absorb, parry, and dodge. Fighting enemies – A.I. or player – unlocks more moves, as does learning under a mentor. Absolver also features a gear system that will affect your strength and speed.

No Holds Barred Competitive Play

Once you fashion together a move set that works, it’s time to test your character online. There are no limitations here. Absolver’s level of customization ensures that every match will be a unique encounter, as you never know what the enemy has up their sleeve.

Matches consist of a best of three 1v1, a base holding 3v3, and two unannounced modes. A traditional ranking system makes sure you’re playing against players of your skill level.

Absolver’s 3D take on traditional 2D fighting is welcome, and the level of customization adds an immeasurable amount of depth. Those who dedicate their time to fleshing out a style will be rewarded, especially in online play. Absolver releases on Steam and PS4 on August 29th.

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