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Written by on is the latest in the long list of .io survival games. Without a doubt I would say that this is the most ambitious of the .io games to date and it will please fans of survival games. In, you must collect resources such as stone, wood, gold and food. Your ultimate goal is to build your own settlement. The game is also multiplayer, so you’ll come across other players on the map. Some may be friendly, but others may be hostile.

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To make things more interesting, you’ll come across wild animals such as pigs, wolves and chickens. You can slay these animals to collect food, but you can also try chasing a pig or a chicken into the path of a wolf that will do the hard work for you. Be careful though, wolves will fight you back. Gathering resources is as easy as clicking your left mouse button in front of a tree a boulder or an animal to swing your sword and extract the goodies you need from them.

Before you start building your fortress, you may want to hire some mercenaries to follow you around and back you up. To gain a mercenary you’ll need to have 15 foods for each mercenary. I recommend trying to hire at least three mercenaries before you begin thinking about building your settlement. This will help you gather the materials you need without anyone harassing you, and plus, you’ll need some security once you begin building your settlement.

But what if you come across another player who is in the beginning phase of building their own settlement? What if they have fewer mercenaries than you? Will you swarm in and attack them for their resources? Or will you leave them to their building and focus on building your own settlement? These are the choices that make these survival games interesting. There’s so much to consider, and it’s impressive that this experience is available to play at Poki free of charge.

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I’ve seen people make some impressive settlements in this game, and I’ve even seen players and mercenaries riding pigs. For a browser game, has tons of depth. I definitely recommend giving it a try and letting us know what you manage to build.

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