5 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Gaming Headset

Several key things to think about if you want a gaming headset.

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Many things influence what your gaming experience will be like. While most pay attention to the graphics and the gameplay, the sound is also crucial for ensuring you have a good time playing the game. It’s especially important in multiplayer games where you might be communicating with other players – you definitely don’t want to be interrupted with bad sounds.

The popularity of gaming has also flooded the headset market. There are now a number of products out there branding themselves as gaming headsets. However, some of these are definitely not worth the cost.

So, how do you guarantee you find the right gaming headset? Here are the five factors you need to consider, guaranteeing you won’t regret your purchase.

Do you need a microphone?

You should first carefully consider whether you need a microphone or not as this can add to the price tag. If you are only going to play single-player games and you already have a microphone you can just attach to your computer in case you need it, there is no reason to pay for a microphone headset. Since most special gaming headsets come with a microphone, you might be better off just looking for a general headset to save money.

However, if you are mostly a multi-player game consumer and you are always talking online with your friends, a microphone headset might be a good idea. Now, if you are going with a gaming headset with a microphone always opt for a unidirectional microphone. What this means is that it only concentrates on picking your voice – ensuring your sound is crisp and ambient noises are limited.

Do you want wired or wireless headphones?

The other important factor to consider right at the start is the questions of wires. You can find both wired and wireless headsets, each with unique pros and cons.

Wired headsets are great for PC gaming. Connecting the headset directly to your hardware will guarantee much better sound quality, especially if you have the right drivers installed. However, you will have the wire hanging about.

On the other hand, wireless is often a better idea for console gaming. It also ensures you can move about as you please. The downside is the quality of sound, which might be less consistent. You also need to charge the headsets quite often, especially if you play a lot. Wireless headsets also tend to cost more than wired.

Should you go for stereo or surround?

You should also keep in mind the kind of sound performance you want from the headset. Surround sound tends to be the chosen option for gaming headsets. It’s especially important for FPS players since it ensures you hear even the smallest of sounds. Surround picks up positional sounds – making it easier to know where an enemy is, for example.

If you don’t play games where the positional sound is crucial, then stereo is a good option. Stereo can ensure the sound is clearer and thus can make the soundtrack sound better.

How comfortable is it to wear the model?

Of course, you need to consider the comfort of wearing the headset as well. This is important and there aren’t that many ways of finding it out.

First, you can walk into a store and test different models. If you have good tech stores near you, they should have a decent selection available to try out.

You can also read reviews and check with your gaming friends. You want to make sure you check things like adjustability and the texture and material of the ear pads and headband. It’s crucial to also consider the wear and tear – you don’t want to get something cheap that’ll be torn out in just a few months. So, make sure you read online reviews on the web and pay special attention what the reviewer has said about the comfort.

How much are you willing to pay?

Finally, you also need to consider the price. You shouldn’t think price necessarily equals better quality – indeed it is possible to find a good headset for under $100. The main thing is to make sure you set up a budget and start looking in the price range you are able to pay for. While you can find great, affordable headphones, you can, of course, enjoy from extra features and treats with certain high-end models.

In addition, remember to compare prices. Different retailers tend to have special deals on offer and you might be able to bag a bargain if you don’t just buy the first thing you see. For technology deals, Frugaa.com is a site to check out where you can find discount coupons that ensure you can keep within your budget and still find something you love.

If you are looking for a gaming headset, start by figuring out an answer to the above questions. You can then start looking for headsets that fit the description and find an affordable, quality headset. The little effort you need to make will definitely be worth it in the end – sound can really guarantee you immerse yourself with the game.

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