mayamada To Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Grow GamePad Social Events

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Creative brand mayamada started throwing their social gaming events GamePad back in 2015. Since then, attendance has grown significantly as more gamers begin to get involved. These events have been taken place at small venues around London, but now mayamada wants to expand GamePad and secure East London’s Tech City for the next event.

To make this happen, mayamada needs our help. As gamers, we’ve become anti-social thanks to the convenience of playing online. But there’s something special about sharing the gaming experience with people in person. Nothing can ever enhance gaming like human interaction, and mayamada achieves this by holding tournaments and by providing many multiplayer experiences at their events. There are even numerous card games and board games to enjoy at GamePad.

mayamada co-founders Nigel Twumasi and Lao Karunwi, are on a mission to recapture the excitement gamers feel playing with friends in the same room. They will launch a £3k Kickstarter to bring GamePad to the new venue and expand GamePad to reach more demographics of gamers, including gamers with disabilities and families who want to get out and do activities together.

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As someone who has been to a few GamePad events, I can honestly say that there’s always a positive atmosphere at the events. You can be who you want to be at these events. If you enjoy cosplay, you can dress up as your favorite character. If you just want to play your own game (on a handheld device for instance) among other people then you may do this also. Recently, they’ve even been inviting representatives from game publishers such as Nintendo and Ubisoft to their events.

With enough support, there’s no telling how big GamePad may become in the future. We could have a new social gaming phenomenon on our hands, so we suggest supporting the cause if you don’t want social gaming to go away.

The campaign goes live next week on the 13th of June. You can find out more about the campaign and GamePad in general here.

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