Nintendo Reveals E3 2017 Plans

The fun starts on June 13th at 9am PST

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Earlier today, Nintendo sent out a press release revealing all of their upcoming plans for E3 2017. Starting on June 13th at 9am PST, fans can expect a livestream Nintendo Spotlight event centered on upcoming Switch titles followed immediately by a Nintendo Treehouse where 3DS and Switch games will take center stage. Later that day and the following day, Nintendo will be hosting live tournaments for Splatoon 2 and ARMS. Below is an image of the plans that they have laid out so far.

Those interested in checking out all of these events can do so by visiting Nintendo’s dedicated E3 website ( starting on June 13th. The company previously stated that they wouldn’t be having a press conference this year, something that has become a common practice with them at every E3 for quite awhile now.

If there is one key point to take away from today’s news, it’s that the Nintendo Spotlight event will be focused on Switch games with Super Mario Odyssey being the main attraction. It will be interesting to see which other Switch titles are in the works and how soon we will get them. I’m personally still waiting on a new Metroid game and I think E3 2017 is the perfect time to officially announce that it’s in development.

Are any of you looking forward to Nintendo’s E3 2017 events? Which games do you want to see them announce in the future? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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