Vikings: War of Clans Now Available To Play On Browsers

MMO Strategy Game Comes To Browsers.

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The hugely popular mobile MMO game Vikings: War of Clans from Plarium was previously only available to play on iPhone or Android, until last year when it was made free to play on desktop through Facebook. Now, in an effort to attract more players to the game, there is also a browser version, which was released on January 15th this year. This latest edition of the game provides a more immersive experience, and can be played on the developer’s official portal.

For those who don’t already know about this game based on the Norse seafarers, the aim is to create clans with ruling hierarchies by cooperating with other players in an online setting. The overriding goal is to capture a place of power which is at the center of every kingdom. Players need to collect resources such as gold, lumber, iron, food, stone and silver to upgrade their heroes and towns, and give themselves a better chance of overcoming the opposition.

The raiders who lived over 1000 years ago are hugely popular in the media at the moment, with the TV series Vikings being a massive hit. The show which is now available on Netflix follows the path of the great Ragnar Lothbrok played by Travis Fimmel, a legendary Norse hero who terrorized England and France. With the series earning an impressive score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, fans are likely to be crying out for ways to enjoy more Viking-based action. This means that now is the ideal time for the release of War of Clans in browser format.

After watching the ruthless ambition of Lothbrok, players may want to sharpen their axes and get their horned helmets out in preparation of leading their own invasion in Vikings: War of Clans. With it now being available on internet browsers worldwide, there is the scope of having a greater number of players in the game at any given time. This means that the battles will be even more ruthless, and the challenges even more gruelling that ever before.

To get to the top in the real-time game players must develop and refine their strategy. It is recommended that rather than throwing as much brute force as possible at enemies, players should develop their own unique strategies so as to not be predictable. This facet of allowing the players to enjoy the game in their own way and work out different styles of playing it is something that enhances the game’s appeal. Aside from excelling in matters of war, players are also tasked with developing diplomatic solutions in times of peace and doing whatever it takes to help their clan and town to prosper.

With hundreds of things to do from raiding towns to destroying roaming gangs and acquiring resources, there is infinite game time on offer in this complex MMO. Now that it is in browser format it should attract even more users, and could be an alternative to some of the better-established MMOs such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars.

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