Vikings: War of Clans Review

A solid strategy game that is worth your time.

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The Northern Lands in Vikings: War of Clans are vicious, and it is there that you, as a Jarl of a small town, must rise to the top by looting and plundering anything and everyone that stands in-between you, your rising empire and the top position on the leaderboard! But is the journey worth taking? Let’s find out in this review of Plarium’s browser based MMORTS, Vikings: War of Clans.


When it comes to browser-based strategy games, the visuals don’t get much better than what you see in Vikings: War of Clans. While most of the genre is filled with games that have 2D graphics, Vikings sets itself apart by introducing actual 3D graphics and animations into the mix. It looks very good on mobile platforms, but on browsers, it looks even better. From the individual units and buildings to the fighting, War of Clans won’t disappoint you visually.


Although Vikings lets you focus more on the battle strategies than on diplomacy, alliances are still an important part of the game if you want to succeed. You can start your own clan or join an established one if you wish to win the support of other players, but you will always need to be on your guard as a battle is mostly a click away. As you would expect with any MMORTS games, there are a lot of buildings to be made, soldiers to be trained, equipment to be crafted, researchers to invest into, specializations to consider and much more to keep you busy. However, it isn’t all run-of-the-mill, though because the game has a unique Hero system which has multiple RPG elements to it. There’s also clan warfare and PvP battles to keep the action intense at all times. Once again, Vikings: War of Clans doesn’t disappoint in the gameplay department either.


Although it’s easy to get into, strategy in Vikings: War of Clans is not easy to master. You will need to spend time here in the Northern Lands to grow in experience and gain knowledge. In the beginning, your town is a small little rubble which you must build with care so that it prospers enough to enable your future plans of ultimate domination. Even when resources are seemingly plenty, you will need to constantly safeguard it with strong allies, defense strategies, and an ever-growing army. Management, decision, and real life diplomacy plays a key role in the game and if you want to succeed, you will need to pay mind to these aspects with surgical precision.


Vikings: War of Clans doesn’t suffer from any particular limitations that are not a part of other competing MMORTS games on the market; which means that while the game is free-to-play by model, making purchases may become necessary if you want to see fast progress. If you are in it for the long haul though, it is possible to progress at a steady pace without paying for anything. In-game purchases are the business models on which these games are made so that is not exactly a negative, but the general consensus is that lower prices would benefit players.

So, should you try out Vikings: War of Clans? You most definitely should, especially if you love a good strategy game that can run on almost any computer, smartphone or tablet. The game is particularly recommended for those who like the Viking history and culture because it certainly has a lot of tidbits to share with you. On the other hand, if you are already a veteran MMORTS player looking for a new game world to dominate, you will find Vikings: War of Clans familiar, but new at the same time, thanks to its unique Hero system, a huge variety of troops and units and beautiful graphics.

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