Sweeten Your Hoilday Season with Radz Candy Dispensers Review

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The holiday season is upon us and while I’m sure everyone is making a list and checking it twice, there are some people who are struggling to fill those stocking stuffers or treat their little ones to something special that won’t break their budget.

Radz Candy Dispensers just happen to be the perfect gift for practically everyone who desires some holiday cheer and sweets.

I know what you’re thinking; what is a Radz Candy Dispenser and why should this be added to the Christmas list?

Simply put Radz Candy Dispensers is the joy of Christmas in the palm of your hand and in the other hand are delightfully sweet candies that’ll fill you with Christmas joy. More specifically, the dispensers are Christmas themed which include characters like Santa Claus, Freeze the snowman,  Jingles the Reindeer, Prep the Polar Bear and more. Plus they make for some rather fun Christmas tree ornaments.

Inside each of the dispensers are sweet flavored tiny candy treats (Berry Sparkle, Fruit Shimmer, Gumdrop Swirl and Cherry Shine). Even better? The dispensers are small enough to fit inside your pockets or clip onto your bag for safe holiday traveling.

Starting at $3.49, you can also get candy refills for year-round. For those in the mood for something less Christmas-y, there are an array of themed Radz Candy Dispensers ranging from colorful Unicorns to Radz Sports Crazy.

Get your dispensers at Target, Walmart and more. Also visit their Instagram at @RadzBrands and Facebook at @RadzWorld.

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