Will PES Finally Be Better Than FIFA This Year?

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In 2001, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) hit stores for the first time. Upon its release, video gamers and football fans raved about the gameplay it offered. PES converts loved the game’s realistic play, pace, and feel. In the United Kingdom alone, PES sold over 200,000 copies of its original version for PlayStation 2. Football fans can get the latest Paddy Power promo code and bet on their favorite teams all season along.

Despite continual praise for each version of PES, the game has had difficulty winning over fans of the FIFA football game franchise. Of course, there are PES disciples who explain in great detail just why it is better than FIFA each year. But will PES finally be better than FIFA this year? It is a never-ending debate, like the one regarding traditional betting and betting with cryptocurrencies.

PES 2019 vs. FIFA 2019: Which is better?

PES has always felt like a cult video game. It is one that a segment of football fans and gamers love, but it is dwarfed by FIFA’s sales with each new release. PES has always been for gaming purists. It is far more fast-paced and the gameplay is far more tactical than FIFA. The latter is trying to catch up with those characteristics, however.

While PES has always offered more realistic gameplay, FIFA has made its mark by offering players brilliant presentation and official licenses. According to experts of both games, FIFA has continued to improve the on-field gameplay over the last decade while adding to the non-match experience. As FIFA has improved, many video game reviewers and players have bemoaned that PES has bottomed out with few notable improvements.

The problem with PES is simple. The gameplay was already great, and it is difficult to top what was top-notch. What PES needs to do is gain the official licenses that FIFA own. Until then, PES will play second fiddle.

Konami took a major blow this season as it lost its license agreement with the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup. Those have gone to FIFA. PES has gained more agreements for this year’s game, including an exclusive deal with the Russian Premier League. That won’t be enough to outsell FIFA, however.

Will PES 2019 conquer FIFA 2019?

It is doubtful PES 2019 will outsell FIFA 2019. History is not on the Konami game’s side. According to sales, FIFA continues to grow and in 2017, FIFA’s opening week sales saw it sell 1.1 million copies. That same week Konami moved just 50,000 PES 2018 units. It once again showed PES is a niche football game.

Konami has improved the PES gameplay and match experience even further in 2019. The pace of the game has also been tweaked and is completely different than the back and forth action in FIFA. The pace of the game forces players to be more tactical and smarter than their opponent, just like in real-life football. Passing has been the focus of game developers and it is one of the key elements of this year’s game

PES 2019 has been out since August, which gave football fans the chance to pick it up one month before FIFA hit stores. In early September, it was reported that PES 2019 was the top selling game in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Konami’s game sold 42 percent fewer copies in its first week of 2019 than the previous year. Once again, PES has shown it is a fun, realistic football game. However, its fight to top FIFA is becoming more difficult.

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