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App Trend Games of 2019: Coin Master Tops Charts

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Since the age of the smartphone began, the functions that we can fulfill with our devices have expanded considerably. These days, most households have several smartphones and tablets, and we can’t get by without our gadgets.

While content streaming, social media, and food delivery apps climb the charts, games have remained consistently at the top of the list when it comes to popular downloads. Whether we want to fill time on our commute, socialize with friends by playing, or relax with some interactive entertainment, there are certain games that fit the bill.

One of the biggest successes of 2019 in that game category is Coin Master from Moon Active. It has made an impact internationally, received honorable awards and topped the charts for revenue and downloads. We take a look back at the high points for this top trending app.

The Thrill of Coin Master

Coin Master lets you join your friends and millions of players around the world in attacks, spins and raids. Players get to build up a village that includes five items, such as a character, a pet, a mode of transport, a home and something from nature. The aim is to become the Coin Master with the strongest village and the biggest fortune! The game has all the right ingredients for a successful game, such as adventure, ease, brilliant designs and animation and most excitingly, the thrill of the unknown! A player never knows what treasures they can find in someone else’s village, which is why attacking and raiding are such favorite features in the game. Another reason players can’t stop playing Coin Master is because of the determination ignited in people that is brought on by the Card Collection feature. Players try to collect cards and to complete full sets, which as the game progresses, this gets to be more challenging because the player might be on the hunt for more unique and rare cards. They can also trade their cards with the online community to bring them closer to the goal of collecting them all!

Coin Master Chart Topper

In February, the game topped the download charts for iOS and Android in Great Britain and Ireland. To date, the download figures are up to 100 million worldwide. The game has been well received in many countries, and the figures back up that information.

Not surprisingly at all, the app is featured in Apple’s announcement for the best and most popular apps of 2019.

The tech giants have released their top charts, and Coin Master features in the game category for both iPhone and iPad play. Coin Master is second in the free games category, where it placed closely behind the colossal classic Mario Kart Tour. In the iPad category, the game made it to the top 10, landing at number 8.

Moon Active & Coin Master

The developers of this popular game have gained media attention thanks to the success of Coin Master, making 2019 a record-breaking year for them. Industry favorite, PocketGamer.Biz, has ranked Moon Active at number 14 in their top 50 mobile game makers of 2019.  Just recently, GamesIndustry.Biz made a point to note that Coin Master had risen up to the fifth spot on the overall grossing rankings for November, and had had its best month to date.

coin master
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With big gaming award ceremonies coming up in January, all eyes will be on Moon Active and Coin Master to see what awards they’ll be bringing home. The finalists haven’t been announced yet, but we can foresee Coin Master being considered for the Game Of The Year category, which was won by Fortnite in 2019. They also have potential in the rising star category, the best developer, and maybe even the people’s choice award.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to games, Coin Master has certainly made an impact in 2019. The number of players is an encouraging figure, but this is secondary to the awards and top rankings it has pulled in.

A successful social game will connect with audiences, and Moon Active has found a winning formula with Coin Master. The developer can be proud of their achievements to date, but we’re sure they’ve got their eye on the future and the new heights they can reach.

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