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Becoming a Warrior: An Interview with Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Rosario Dawson

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In 1995, fifteen year-old actress Rosario Dawson made her way into Hollywood history when she starred in the highly-controversial film Kids. Over the last twenty-five years she has appeared in blockbuster films like Men in Black 2 and Sin City, endeared herself to a legion of Marvel fans as recurring character Claire Temple on the now cancelled Netflix Marvel series, and acted opposite Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Ryan Reynolds.

Now Dawson takes on her most honored role as Wonder Woman, voicing Princess Diana in the animated film Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

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The Koalition spoke to Dawson about her upcoming film, the pressures of Hollywood, her extensive career, diversity in Hollywood and more.

She describes her role as “incredible. Really a dream come true. It’s been a few years now in different iterations of her in different stories. So it’s incredible to graduate to the classic  origin story with our twists and playfulness and bringing in characters we haven’t seen in a long time. I think it’s a perfect moment with the Wonder Woman live action film coming out soon and this sort of resurgence of an appreciation of this dynamic, powerful character who appeals to boys, girls and everyone across the whole spectrum.”

While Wonder Woman has been around since the 40’s, Dawson still feels Woman Woman is “just so powerful and there’s a beautiful origin to her that I think is inspiring in the same way as a Spider-man or Superman. There’s something magical and dramatic that draws you in. She’s got that thing that all of us wish to have … where you can extend that olive branch and be someone who’s capable of being the smartest person in the room and also having incredible heart … but also having the ability to back it up with strength she is a warrior. It’s an olive branch in one hand and a sword in the other.”

To hear more from Dawson, check out our interview below.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines will be available via Digital starting Saturday, October 5th and on 4k, Blu-ray and DVD starting October 22th.

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