How To Win At Slots (Or At Least Increase Your Chances)

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There are lots of common myths about slot machines, ranging from the ‘hot’ slots to those that are ‘loose’. Somehow, it enters the minds of some players that they are a golden goose just waiting to be milked (yes, we’re rolling with the mixed metaphor).

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth…as many gamers have found out the hard way.


It’s true: there are some slot games that pay out more regularly than others. This is deliberate, with software firms building in their own Return to Player (RTP) rate which governs how much they pay out.

So, if you played a 96% RTP game and a 92% RTP title for an infinite amount of time side by side, the former would return more of your investment than the latter.

And that leads us nicely into our guide as to how you can win at online slots…or at least enhance your chances of doing so.

Tip #1 – Play the Percentages

As we have confirmed, some slots pay out more than others.

That’s the theory, anyway. If you played a 96% RTP slot from now until the end of time, you would have more money in your pocket than if you played a lower RTP title.

So what’s the point of low RTP slots like Fruit Bonanza (93.03%)? Simply put, they offer bigger payouts than higher RTP games, it’s just that these come along much less often. 

Jackpot slots, for example, have a low RTP, and that’s because players understand the risk: they may not get much of a return on their stake, but that’s because they have a chance to win life-changing sums of cash. Fruit Bonanza has three different jackpots to win, so if your luck is in then there are some rather tasty prizes to be won. You can play Fruit Bonanza slot at Lucky Pants Bingo if you like the sound of its trio of jackpots!


Tip #2 – Consider the Volatility

Another marker of how well a slot plays is its volatility, sometimes also referred to as variance. This is essentially a measure of a game’s risk level: i.e. what your chances are of winning. 

Low volatility slots have smaller-scale payouts but some wins come along more frequently, while for high variance games the opposite is true: wins may be rare, but the prizes tend to be more smile-inducing.  

So, if you want to maximize your chances of winning at slots, clearly low variance games are your best bet. 

How do you work out if a game is a high or low variance? The answer is simple: play them for free and find out! A lot of gaming sites, including Lucky Pants Bingo, allow their players to try their slots in free play mode. So there’s no risk, but hopefully plenty of rewards further down the line. 

Tip #3 – Bet Big on Jackpot Games

If your only objective with slot gaming is to try and win a huge cash payout via jackpot games, then you have to give yourself the best possible chance of scooping the big prize. 

And that basically means wagering the maximum amount per spin.

Higher denomination slots carry more risk, of course, but the rewards speak for themselves, and in some cases, you have to place the maximum wager just to qualify for a chance to win the jackpot.

Our tip is to read the rules section of the jackpot games you play: this will reveal whether you need to place the max bet or not. 

And hopefully, if you follow these simple guidelines you will at least give yourself the best possible chance of winning at slots.

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