Eight Films Worth Watching This Summer

Summer is the traditional season of spectacular blockbusters. The 2019 summer season will not be an exception. Following the main trends of world cinema, many old franchises will be restarted (Men in Black, and Child’s Play) along with new spin-offs (Fast and Furious). Moreover, we are looking for the full completion of the Marvel film universe third phase, the new inspiring biopic, and another expected remake from Disney. However, the most important film event of this summer is Quentin Tarantino’s new premiere. Today, we will talk about the films that shouldn’t be missed this summer.

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Meanwhile, we are moving forward to the most spectacular blockbusters of summer 2019.

Rocket Man (Released On May 31st)

Bohemian Rhapsody set a new trend at the cinema – the musicians biopics.  Next in line is the biography of the British singer and composer Elton John. The film producer David Furnish who is, by the way, the musician’s spouse and the director Dexter Fletcher seem to make a fantastic film. Sir Elton was involved in the shooting himself as an executive producer, trying to make the picture as more realistic as possible.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Released On June 7th)

After the end of “Game of Thrones”, which broke the hearts of the fans with an unexpected final, the world follows the further careers of actors with double interest. Sophie Turner managed to find herself outside the fantasy franchise, having entered the Marvel’s X-Men. The separate film “The Dark Phoenix” was dedicated to her hero Jin Gray. In this story, Jin will overcome her dark essence and try to apply her enormous destructive energy in a peaceful way.

Men in Black: International (Released On June 14th)

The cult comic franchise with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be restarted. Chris Hemsworth, who in “Avengers” gained the superstar status, took the leading role in a pair with Tessa Thompson, who had already met with Chris in “Ragnarok”. The subtitle of “International” hints that the “Men in Black” will have an overseas office, and the heroes themselves will have to travel a lot around the world.

Funny fact: the code names of the new agents will be H and M.

Child’s Play (Released On June 21st)

Another re-launch of the popular old franchise is a story about the killer doll Chucky. Everything will start with a remake of the original horror film with elements of the 1988 comedy. However, the creepy Chucky in the updated version will turn into an ultramodern interactive toy that has gone mad without the intervention of evil spirits, from which it will only become more dangerous. The legendary Mark Hamill presented his voice to the frightening red-haired doll. Despite the fact that the creators and actors of the first version were against restarting the story, the rating of the audience expectations of the new “Children’s Games” is very high.

Spider-Man: Far from Home (Out On July 2nd)

The real fans of Marvel Avengers may appreciate a continuation of the Spider-Man adventures. The action of the movie “Far from Home” will unfold immediately after the decisive battle of superheroes with Thanos and put the final in the third phase of the comic-movie universe.

Peter Parker will go on vacation to Europe with his friends, but instead of resting, together with Nick Fury, he will find out who the Elementals are and why they send natural disasters to the Old World.

The Lion King (Out On July 19th)

Studio Disney is not going to slow down in re-filming its classics. This summer, the most commercially successful cartoon of the company – “The Lion King” will be released in freaky 3D graphics. The first project teaser set a record, having collected 224.6 million views of the official version on YouTube in just one day. Interest to the updated “The Lion King” is simply giant.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Out On July 26th)

Two words – Quentin Tarantino. It may be enough for the description of the most anticipated film of the summer, but apart from the director, the cast is also impressive – Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino, Luke Perry. Moreover, the historical figures of cinema will be discussed in the plot – the actors Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen, the maniac Charles Manson, the wife of Roman Polanski – Sharon Tate. The plot of the film is kept in the strictest confidence. At the Cannes Film Festival, the film staged a six-minute ovation.

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (Out On August 2nd)

Even old-school fans of the Fast and Furious franchise thought that the eighth film was not so impressive. In order to refresh the series, the studio decided to make a spin-off built around the enemies Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. Heroes will have to work together for combating the threat of a global scale. Starring actors are Duane Johnson and Jason Statham – the combination of brutality and fun. The equally spectacular Idris Elba will confront them.

Spring movie premieres died down on a large scale. For example, the global charges of the film from Marvel “The Avengers: Final” reached 2.188 billion dollars in the second week. The film came in second place in the history of cinema, ahead of “Titanic.” The film is also expected to be re-released in theaters this upcoming weekend.

Which films do you think are the most impressive of the 2019 summer season? What is your number one among the upcoming premiers? Share your impressions and comments with us.