IT Chapter 2: Everything We Know So Far

IT Chapter 2 is a true definition of the works of one of the best film directors Andy Muschietti. He is back with an impressive Hollywood cast A-Listers as grown-up losers. Just when everyone thought its quite safe to be back into the circus, Pennywise is back in action ready to terrorize the losers club. IT Chapter 2 is a continuing story from the original first movie with the team trying hard to battle demons.

If you know the thrill that comes with Stephen King’s tome, IT Chapter 2 is a movie that will blow your mind. When watching such a thrilling, action-packed and exciting movie, you can enhance your comfort level with accessories including giantex chair, headphones and a good quality screen. As you reminisce about what to expect from this incredible horror movie, here is all that you need to know about IT Chapter 2.

Trailer: IT’s Chapter 2

The IT Chapter 2 trailer landed on May 9th, 2019. It is more centered on Beverly Marsh, all grown while returning to Derry. Pennywise is expected to be back to his old amazing old tricks.

Release Date

Unlike in the case of Stephen King’s novel, IT Chapter will be back sooner than expected. The movie is expected in cinemas on September 6, 2019. The film that all started in July 2018 in Toronto, was all wrapped on 31st, 2018.

Cast: Great and Small Losers

With IT Chapter 2, you can only anticipate the cast that includes the members of the seven Losers Club, all grown up. The young gang members will be back in action, but with an adult cast that resembles them.

The timelines of the movie will shift between 1985 and the present. However, the dialogues will be more present, and with a few flashbacks that take you back to the 80s in an amazing story.

  • James Ransomed will feature as an adult Eddie Kaspbrak.
  • The team leader will be played by James McAvoy in the place of Bill Denbrough. Mike Hanlon will be played by Isaiah Mustafa, and in the end fan casting is the incredible Jessica Chastain who takes up the role or signed on as Beverly Marsh.
  • The Losers Club will feature Andy Bean (power) who will play Stan Uris.
  • Jay Ryan, the Neighbours as Ben Hanscom.
  • Bill Harder the Saturday Night Live alum who will take up the role of Richie Trashmouth.
  • The beauty of IT Chapter 2 is that it is not only bringing back members of the Losers Club as adults. It also brings back the vengeance of their tormentor Henry Bowers.
  • The other stars in the film include Teach Grant, Altered Carbon star who will play the role of Nicholas Hamilton in the first film.
  • Will Beinbrink and Bills wife Audra.
  • Bill Skarsgard will be starring as Pennywise and he has been exciting movie lovers online with no makeup on his face. In the Sequel, Pennywise is expected to be more vicious than in the first film.
  • Taylor Frey and Xavier Dolan will play the role of a couple, Don Hagarty and Adrian Mellon. This indicates a very disturbing part of the film that involves a hate crime.

The Story

The IT Chapter 2 Story is based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel. It weaves together two timelines including seven kids from the 50s and the same group who are grownups in the 80s.

From the events of Chapter 1 where Pennywise eats kids, Beverly is rescued and many years later, in Chapter 2 Pennywise returns to Derry with a major thrill. The kids who are now all grownups had forgotten all about the traumatic experiences caused by Pennywise in Derry.

IT Chapter 2 is intense, exciting and scarier than before with the Pennywise and Turtle Power. There is a god of evil and a god of good in the film as the adult Losers try to retrieve old memories, to defeat Pennywise.

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