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Maths: The Key To Roulette Gold?

People are always looking for ways at which to maximize their monetization of casino games, and through the use of mathematics, there may be a way to game the roulette wheel. looks at how maths can be used in playing roulette.

The first thing to know is to ‘understand your enemy’. The enemy, in this case, being the roulette wheel. There are two significant types of wheel in use in casino games. There is the standard zero wheel, also called the European Wheel. And there is also the Double Zero Wheel, which features a double zero in addition to zero and this is also called the American Wheel.

These wheels feature different house advantages, the European being a 2.7% advantage, while the American has a 5.26% advantage. No wonder Einstein supposedly said that the only true way of winning money at the game was to wait for the croupier’s back to being turned and take chips off the table. While this isn’t strictly true, it is close to the truth. There are, however, ways in which you can take advantage of the table.

Both the different types of wheels have similarities. They both have the numbers 1-36. They both feature alternating red and black numbers, and they both try and alternate high and low numbers, though the European wheel does feature the numbers 5 and ten next to each other (both low numbers). The problem with the wheels is that each spin is entirely independent. The odds of a given number being spun each time are always the same. Just because there have been six red numbers before, or even six number 12’s before, it doesn’t mean the odds of the next number being red number 12 is any different.

That being said, how can we gain an advantage. The secret might well lie in the betting table. A quick search on your favorite search engine will no doubt reveal millions of different strategies to winning at roulette. Fundamentally, however, they fall down to a mixture of two different types of strategy. You have a money-management strategy and a playing strategy. The best known of all money management strategies is called the Martingale strategy. This strategy can certainly win your money, but there are two major problems with it. Firstly you need a very large bankroll as part of the way it works is that every time you make a loss, you double the bet that you lost and try again. The second major problem is that you may well hit the table limit very quickly, and this will again cause you problems. There is a real reason why this strategy is known as one of the quickest ways to make yourself bankrupt rather than rich.

At the end of the day with all else being equal, the house will always, always win in the long term. Therefore your best bet seems to be to make short term gains and know when to take your money and run far far away.

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