Measuring Video Game Brand Success In The Real World

Infographic provides some surprising answers.

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As video games continue to evolve with each passing console generation, brand representation has played an important role in making these fictional settings even more relatable to both players and consumers alike. Popular franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Fallout serve as perfect examples of this theory by having parody versions of Karma Cola and Coca-Cola in their own universes humorously titled eCola and Nuka Cola respectively.

But what if these same in-game brands actually existed in our world today? Is Resident Evil a more valuable video game franchise with in-game brands than Fallout? Which are the least valuable fictional brands in gaming? These intriguing questions and more have finally been answered based on research by the talented team over at Betway.

Included below is a detailed infographic that reveals what the most valuable in-game brands would be if they existed in our world today. Check out the surprising numbers below and feel free to let us know your thoughts on how each brand would fare in real life.

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