More Than Black and White – An Interview with The Red Line’s Elizabeth Laidlaw

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Imagine being a young and gifted African-American doctor who after spending the day saving lives, goes to store to buy some milk and never makes it home because he is gunned down by a Caucasian police officer who mistakes him for a robber.

Stories about unarmed black men being killed by the police are a tale all too familiar,  but in CBS’ The Red Line it becomes a painful heartfelt journey exploring the lives of everyone involved. Placing this incident under the microscope, it has sparking fierce conversations and debates online.

As the story expands to show the ripple effects of this fateful night, we meet Officer Vic Renna (played to perfection by Elizabeth Laidlaw) who is involved in a cover-up with her partner Paul Evans (Noel Fisher). Was the crime just a thoughtless action from a white cop or fueled by racism?

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For these answers, The Koalition spoke to Laidlaw who compared the show to a Shakespearean drama with no heroes nor villains. We dive deep into how she tackled the role and how it transformed her as a person.

Check out our interview below.

The Red Line is available on demand and on CBS All Access.

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