Online Video Slots: Where It All Began, Looking Into The Future

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Gaming machines have gone through massive changes over the past hundred years. It all started with the radical idea of the first mechanical poker machine invented by Sittman and Pitt in 1891.

Charles Augustus Frey soon followed afterward, and in 1895, he created his own machine that featured an auto payout mechanism. The next decades saw the rise in marketing, and with it, the many new changes in gaming technology.

Things were made even better at the turn of the ‘60s as electricity became a staple for every consumer. The first fruit machine powered by electromechanical bases were created. This proved to be an instant hit because the tactile feel one gets from pulling the lever quickly became obsolete.

Eight years on, and the first video slot in the world appeared. This was specifically manufactured for the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. It was a turning point in gaming technology as graphical user interfaces were introduced.

Security and mechanism modifications were made over the next years, which made video slots even more playable. Games had extra rounds, the playability improved, and entire game premises became more exciting.

Then there was the internet boom of the late ‘90s. The first online casinos appeared and immediately caught the attention of the mainstream market. They appealed to everyone, from young adults to ladies, and even advanced gamers.

It was a huge success as it was made available in the comforts of home. The internet’s early adopters were quick to assess the situation and immediately grabbed the opportunity to be part of these “revolutionary breakthroughs”.

Soon after, people began realizing the benefits they can get from it, namely, enjoyment, thrill, convenience, and hope of winning big. Nonetheless, all these proved to be true.

Technology is indeed full of surprises especially if you’re into the gaming aspect of it. Thanks to it, online gaming machines can now be played virtually anywhere and anytime. You can even check out Youtube live gaming out there on the Internet to learn everything about it.

However, it was the convenience factor that sealed the deal with online video slots. Entire physical casinos waned in profitability-based people hastily decided that there’s a better alternative — playing casino games at home, with less risk, less hassle, and higher chances of winning.

Indeed, online video slots opened the industry to a whole new market, thus furthering its acceptance in mainstream society. Now, games look more enticing, realistic, and appealing than ever before.

Graphical representations have become vivid enough that even someone who hasn’t played online fruit machines before is sure to get hooked to it. Also, they proved to be a much better alternative, and are far more entertaining than going to the nearby local pub and using a physical gaming machine.

Thanks to technology, the majority of fruit machine activities shifted to the internet. However, the list of good things doesn’t end in its “convenience factor.” Computers eventually became smaller as they turned into laptops.

Finally, people can bring their virtual online games wherever. But then there came tablets, and now smartphones that are just as fast or even faster and better than the computers we had before.

We are now thriving with a vast array of online gaming machines that’s downright entertaining and convenient.

So, where does it go from here? Frankly speaking, the future is very bright for online gaming. Specifically speaking, virtual reality and 5G networking are becoming huge playmakers in today’s gaming world.

Couple this with 10 GB/s internet speeds and you’d have a hyper-realistic online gaming experience that’s available to anyone. Expect to experience a whole new level of immersive gaming experience the next time you play online a few years from now.

The future is indeed bright, and the market is there to support it.

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