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Simple Tips To Help You Pick an Essay Topic

Are you finding it difficult to come up with an essay topic or writing the essay itself? If your answer is yes, you’ll be pleased to learn there’re various tips you can use to ease the process including hiring writers at https://writercheap.com/

With this guide, picking a topic will no longer cause you headaches.

How To Pick An Essay Topic

  • Choose a lively topic: Regardless of the faculty or subject, you’re writing on, choosing an interesting topic is crucial to your overall success. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a captivating topic but you can always find ways to add interesting bits while writing your essay. You can also check out https://writercheap.com/blog/high_school_research_topics for some inspiring topics.
  • Analyze and split the topic: Topics come in two major categories. You can either have a broad or narrow topic. Broad topics, for example, will cover a wide range of areas. Take for instance the topic, “Tourism in Africa.” This is abroad topic touching on multiple aspects and it doesn’t set a clear agenda.

In contrast, “Bird watching in Kenya” narrows down tourism to a specific tourist activity in a specific country.

  • Check for applicable sources: Without relevant sources for your essay, you’re bound to get stuck midway through the essay. That is if you manage to get started. Hence, when choosing an essay topic, it’s crucial to first check for the availability of sources to create your content.

Additional Tips

  • How much knowledge do you have regarding the preferred topic? Sometimes, a certain topic may sound interesting. However, going in blind is not necessary, especially when your grades are on the line. Thus, before putting pen to paper, ask yourself whether you have the necessary knowledge in your selected topic.
  • Consider reusing a topic: If you find it difficult to come up with an essay topic, consider writing on an already existing topic. However, you shouldn’t confuse this with copying or writing the same thing only with different words. Reusing means switching the angle. Look at it from another perspective. You’ll be surprised to find tons of content you can use.
  • Seek expert advice from your teacher or instructor. Remember, as much as your instructor will mark your work, they’re also there to guide you through difficult times. If you encounter difficulties when writing your essay, you can always seek advice from your instructor.
  • Avoid uncommon topics: Uniqueness is encouraged. However, in the quest to produce original and unique content, many students end up selecting uncommon topics making it difficult to come up with content due to the limited resources. Thus, don’t hurt yourself and your grades all in a bid to stand out.

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Picking An Essay Topic

  • Avoid boring topics: A topic may have unlimited sources from which you can develop content. Nevertheless, the topic may be boring and this will hamper your creativity. As a result, your essay will be boring.
  • Reusing a topic: While this may not be a crime, copying content word for word will raise serious plagiarism issues. Furthermore, you risk losing authenticity since the reader will think you don’t have your own opinions.
  • Avoid broad topics: Again, a broad topic will only scatter your thoughts without any real message to your readers. On the other hand, a narrow topic will help you build a solid case where you can focus on the problem.

Your Turn

Coming up with an essay topic can be difficult and this is understandable. However, it doesn’t have to be this way thanks to the helpful tips outlined in this article. With them, you’ll have an easy time researching essay topics.

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