The History of VR Games

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We all love to play VR games. This is because these games give us so much. Talk of the immersive experience and the experience just in general. Players, including the ones betting on sports, love to play their games and travel to the world of the games that they are playing. It makes them feel like they are more than a player and part of the game itself. However, VR Games did not start today, they started centuries ago. And today we look at the fascinating history of this technology. You had better brace yourself as these facts will definitely blow your mind away. 

Fascinating Facts about VR Games

The Pygmalion’s Spectacles

VR and augmented reality weren’t born yesterday. This is despite the fact that many think that this a modern invention. It was actually created in the mind of fiction writer Stanley G. Weinbaum in 1930.  The amazing part is that this was before the name VR was coined. In one of his many novels, he wrote about a wearer with a pair of goggles that can experience various worlds. This is through holographic, touch, smell and taste. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?

The Sensorama

Jumping to 20 years later after the writings of Weinbaum, we come across Morton Heilig. He talked about more than just living in the fictional world. He developed the Sensorama. This featured an arcade style cabinet. This was aimed at stimulating a person’s senses. It also featured a stereoscopic 3D display, fans, smells, and smell generators. The Sensorama also had stereo speakers as well as a vibrating chair. The Sensorama was created to fully immerse a person in a filmlike experience.

These are but a few of the amazing facts surrounding the history of the creation of VR. It was due to these rough attempts that we are able to enjoy the joys of VR Gaming today. We can now enjoy all sorts of VR Gamers as well as VR casino usa games as well. But should you feel like you are not ready to step into the world of VR casino games, then you can play at standard casinos instead and win real money as you do so. 

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