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Tonight’s All-New Episode of Emergence Will Reveal Piper’s Identity

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Fans who attended the Emergence panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday saw an advanced screening of the third episode titled “2 MG CU BID.”

While I can’t divulge the shocking details of my new favorite show, star Allison Tolman told the room she was “shocked” when she first discovered the episode’s big surprise, since she expected the mystery to be dragged out the entire season, like most shows.


“I thought the reveal was going to be a season-long arc,” said Tolman. “I was shocked.”

Showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas plotted the storyline this way because they “don’t want the audience to be ahead of the story,” according to Zabryna Guevara, who plays Dr. Abby Fraiser.

In “2 MG CU BID,” a mysterious illness takes hold of Piper, while Jo and Benny investigate a powerful tech mogul, Richard Kindred. As Piper’s health deteriorates, Jo weighs accepting help from an unknown source. Meanwhile, Alex works to decipher a radio frequency code from Piper’s plane crash, and Ed has a follow-up oncology appointment.


Despite one of the show’s biggest mysteries being solved there’s still a lot happening that will keep fans glued to the show. “A lot of the fun over the next few episodes is many of us finding out what you all now know,” said Robert Bailey Jr., who plays Officer Chris Minetto.

For those who haven’t seen Emergence (go binge now!) it follows the story of a mysterious girl found near the site of a plane crash by local sheriff Jo Evans, played by Allison Tolman. Jo takes the girl in after discovering that Piper (whom she names) can’t remember anything about where she came from or who she is. Soon however, strange things begin to happen that seem unexplained and sinister forces are after the sheriff’s new house guest.

Episode 3 of Emergence, “2MG CU BID,” airs 10 p.m. ET October 8 on ABC.

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