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Modern Love – An Interview With Soulmates’ Laia Costa

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AMC’s new anthology series Soulmates thrusts its viewers into a fictional world where a simple DNA test will match you with your one true soulmate. Taking place in the near future where a person’s “gene soul” can be tested against others who’ve taken the test, the results are stored and the person is notified once a match is made.

According to the company that makes the test, it’s science, so you can know with certainty the test has uncovered your perfect match. Of course, nothing’s perfect: if your soulmate hasn’t taken the test yet, you might wait years to learn who your match is, if you find out at all. But the test has also led to millions of satisfied customers, many who marry their soulmates within weeks of meeting them — after all, why wait if science says you’re meant to be together?

Sounds simple enough but love is a complicated game filled with emotions; and for some, it also involves letting go of current relationships in hopes of a test outweighing one’s own heart.

From co-creators Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso) and Black Mirror alum Will Bridges, the concept is not new (just look at John Marrs’ The One, Black Mirror’s “Hang The DJ” or 2009’s TiMER) but it is expertly crafted.

Soulmates' on AMC: Why Episode 3 focuses on open relationships - Los  Angeles Times

Unlike other shows which sees it’s characters seeking out a new relationship, Soulmates questions the security and doubt of keeping a current relationship together.

Would you continue to stay in a relationship just because that person is deemed your soulmate? Would it make the hard times easier? Those are just some of the questions the AMC’s anthology series asks as it explores love, relationships and destiny with varying degrees of success through six very different episodes.

Soulmates third episode, “Little Adventures,” follows Libby (Laia Costa) and Adam (Shamier Anderson), a happily married couple who dabble in one-night stands with other people. After Libby’s test results pair her with Miranda (Georgina Campbell), she has to figure out which partner to choose — or making it work with both.

The Koalition spoke to Laia Costa about her role as Libby in this series, the unique yet nonjudgmental way Soulmates tackles relationships, love and more.

Check out our interview in the video above.

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