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Featured AMC+’s Ragdoll Is a Cocktail Of Murderous Circumstances

Dana Abercrombie
There’s a killer on the loose, the kind that doesn’t just murder but is so twist and sick he turns six bodies into one. In...
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Featured AMC+’s Ragdoll Balances The Gruesome Horrors Of A Serial Killer With Deflecting Humor

Dana Abercrombie
Based on the popular novel by Daniel Cole of the same name, AMC’s Ragdoll is a crime thriller surrounding the investigation of the crimes of...

AMC Theaters To Open Its Doors With 15 Cent, Five Dollar Admissions And The New Mutants Screenings

Dana Abercrombie
AMC is set to reopen some of its theaters within the upcoming week, and to celebrate the occasion for people who want to attend, they...