Power Book II: Ghost Ep.7 “Sex Week” Review – Powercast 53

In this episode of Powercast, we review Power Book II: Ghost Episode 7 “Sex Week”. On this episode we try to answer the following questions, based on what we witnessed in the episode:

– Are Jabari and Cari doing too much?
– Will Riley and Brayden get back together?
– Do you think Saxe is double crossing Maclean?
– Will Tiffany speak truthfully to Saxe?
– Is Cane going to try to kill Tariq next week?
– Is Cane related to Kanan?
– Is Tariq suffering trauma over what he did to his father?
– Has Tariq decided whether he wants Lauren or Diana?
– After this episode, do you feel like Monet Tejada trusts Tariq more than ever?

Share your thoughts on Power Book II: Ghost Episode 7 in the comments below!

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