Power Book II: Ghost Ep.8 “Family First” Review – Powercast 54

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In this episode of Powercast, we review Power Book II: Ghost Episode 8 “Family First”. On this episode we try to answer the following questions, based on what we witnessed in the episode:

– What do you think of Jabari’s actions and what is he going to do next?
– Should Tariq have been truthful and told Brayden everything?
– Do you think Brayden saying he’s no longer a part of Course Correct will cause problems for Tariq?
– Do you think Tariq will try to clap back at Cane?
– How will Dru cope with this new responsibility put on him by his mother? And how will it affect his relationship with Everett?
– What position does it put Cane in after Monet has disowned him?
– Is killing Tariq still a priority for Cane?
– Is 2-Bit now there to be an equalizer? Do you think Tariq will try to use him to his advantage again?

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