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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 New Free Mode “The Summit” Arrives Tomorrow, September 22nd!

UPDATE: I along with other members of the “Throwdown Show” will live stream our Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Summit session Tuesday, September 22th 9 pm est on our Throwdownshow Twitch channel.

There is no denying it. The team at Massive Entertainment have been consistently releasing new content for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 since the game’s launch in March of 2019. Whether its title updates, new season challenges, raids, global events, or Warlords of New York expansion there is plenty of content to keep players engaged. So when they announced that “The Summit” would arrive alongside title update 11 as the next free game mode, I along with the community were instantly hyped!

The Summit is a massive randomly generated 100 story building that will absolutely test your team’s abilities. As you work your way up, each floor will become more challenging while also providing NEW gear drops. If all goes well, this could be the one-stop-shop for loot farming and bragging rights as teams across the community race to be the first to the roof.

Quote from the official announcement:
“Each floor presents a variety of challenges, from specific objectives to a range of enemy forces that stop at nothing to deter your progress. As you continue to push through the floors in your attempt at reaching the peak, your opponents become more ruthless. As you ascend, the floors are randomly selected from a series of predefined designs with randomized AI spawns. In addition, certain floors have directives added to them, increasing the difficulty and forcing you to adjust your tactics against your opponents; ensuring you are always kept on your toes.”
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

FACT SHEET (obtained from official Division 2: The Summit page)

To gain access to The Summit, players can fast travel to the location from the New York City main map or speak to the Pilot outside of the White House Base of Operations. This mode is open to all players who have reached level 40 and finished the Warlords of New York campaign.

The Summit will also be available as a new option on the Matchmaking tab on the main map and players can match-make with other eligible players.

Once you have traveled to The Summit’s lobby, you will find an elevator that allows you to start your ascent or select a rally point. The selections available are based on session owner progress so you can return to The Summit after finishing your session. Continuing from your last played session you will have the option to select your last rally point, which is saved every 10th floor from 11th, 21st, and 31st, and so on. Checkpoints are present on every 3rd floor (11, 14, 17, 20, 21, etc.) to give you a chance at a retry in case of a wipe. You will work your way through the floors in blocks of 10 floors, where the final floor of that block contains a harder boss opponent that you will need to defeat to progress to the next stage.

Replay Floors
When you defeat the final opponent of the run, you can choose to either progress to the next floor to continuously increase the difficulty, or return to a rally point where you felt your skills were sufficiently challenged and rerun it for more loot and fun! As mentioned previously, rally points are automatic and will happen upon exiting the elevator on each 10th floor. Legendary difficulty will have limited checkpoints to add to the difficulty. With The Summit you will have an ever-changing experience as the factions and objectives vary from run to run, providing you with a replay-ability that continues to test your skills and tactics, as well as enabling you with an opportunity test out that new build you put together!

The Summit is a challenge, but it doesn’t come without its rewards. Loot quality will evolve according to the difficulty of the floor that you are playing through, and a variety of new items are earnable with this new game mode. You can expect to come across a number of rewards in The Summit, including the new Exotic Ridgeway’s Pride as a reward for beating all 100 floors, as well as new Backpack Trophies, Dyes, Patches, named items, masks, and more.

The community has been vocal in requesting the return of The Division’s 1 “Underground” which was used as a great mode for farming. Now we know why such mode did not return. “The Summit” not only looks to be its replacement but also the best game mode to hit the franchise. Add the fact that this mode is free unlike “Underground” and you have no reason not to grab some friends and venture out to conquer this skyscraper from hell.

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