3 Casino-themed Movies Worth Watching

There’s nothing more exciting than a movie with a casino theme – you’ve got the thrill of watching the betting, the action and drama surrounding it, and the tension of wondering who will win. Often there is an added element of intrigue – there could be an action plot or thrilling murder mystery surrounding the casino scene itself. Here are three amazing films that are casino-themed if you fancy watching a thrilling film today!

Casino Royale 

We couldn’t possibly miss this one out of the list: Casino Royale is a classic James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig that involves a great number of thrilling casino scenes and an intricately woven plot. The film loosely follows James Bond having to participate in a high-stakes game of poker in the battle against an organization that funds terrorist groups. The film involves an extended scene featuring a long game of poker which is all the more interesting if you understand the ins and outs of the game of poker. This movie is regarded as one of the best films coming out of the James Bond franchise, as well as one of the most successful Casino themed movies of all time. 


Casino is a movie directed by Martin Scorsese and gives the audience an insight into the high-paced, high-risk, high reward Vegas lifestyle. Robert De Niro stars in the movie, playing the role of a former gangster that now leads a regular life, working for a casino in Vegas. The movie features a fast-paced plot involving the mafia, the FBI, and mafia leaders. This is a highly rated classic film and definitely one to watch if you are interested in casino-themed films. One of the most exciting parts of Casino movies is watching the high-stakes betting – it’s absolutely thrilling. If you’re looking to participate in some of this fun yourself, there are lots of different options to do some online gambling yourself! 

Ocean’s Eleven 

Made in 2001 and directed by Steven Soderbergh, this movie is based around a man called Danny Ocean – a thief. Danny assembled a group of eleven con-artists in an attempt to steal from three Vegas casinos – the heist itself will be worth $150 million. This movie is absolutely star-studded, including well-known actors like Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts. Like all good casino movies, the film focuses on the high-paced life of Vegas and the glitz and glamour that goes alongside it. Will the con artists be able to pull off such a large-scale heist? Watch Ocean’s Eleven to find out. 

There’s no denying that casino-themed movies are one of the most exciting, fast-paced genres out there. If you understand the basics of casino games, watching these kinds of films really feels like you’re in a Vegas Casino. These are just some of the great casino-themed movies out there but there are loads more – if you’re into the genre then you’re in for a treat!