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Annalise Basso Details LJ Folger’s Mindset In Snowpiercer Season 2

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A train divided. A future derailed.

Snowpiercer season 1 ended with a twist that revealed the identity of not just serial killer but a psychopath that sets up major conflicts of season 2 and immediately turns life aboard the Great Ark Train upside down.

L.J. Folger, the daughter of lawyer Lilah and Robert Folger, is the picture of perfection and the envy of most. in season one she is living the life of luxury in the uptrain with her parents in a First Class carriage. But behind her warm facade lies a true mastermind, the person behind the serial murders on Snowpiercer committed by her bodyguard and boyfriend Erik Sotto.

The season finale ended with two simultaneous revolutions aboard the train: the attempt by the Folger family in First Class to steal control of Snowpiercer from Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) and Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) leading the Tail Section and Third Class to take over the train.

Basso Unleashed — BODE Magazine

The plan was for the Folgers to institute a new regime with themselves in charge, enforced by Commander Grey’s Jackboot army that would see them becoming the new masters of Snowpiercer.

Instead, the Folgers realized, to their horror, they got cut off from the rest of the train. With no access to any of Snowpiercer’s food supplies or power sources, they are doomed. Interestingly enough, it was L.J. who doomed her parents when she convinced them to attend Layton’s surrender as a display of their new regime.

With the new season of Snowpiercer fast approaching, the Koalition spoke to Annalise Bosso, the dynamic actress that portrays the deadly L.J. Folger who manipulated and killer her way through the first season is now alone.

Check out our interview with Annalise Basso below as we deep dive into the kind of a killer.

Snowpiercer airs January 25th on TNT.

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