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WWE 2K22 Teaser Trailer Showcases The 619 In Next-Gen

The WWE 2K22 trailer is here and while its tagline is “It Hits Different,” fans just hopes the game actually playable. As seen in the trailer above and broadcast during WrestleMania 37 event (now with a live crowd), the 30 second trailer showcased glossy visuals and a closeups of the legendary Rey Mysterio giving us a glimpse of those next-gen visuals at work. Just look at the details of the eyes, skin texture, the tattoos, clothing and hair.

The teaser showed in-game footage of Mysterio hitting a 619 move on Cesaro.  Possibly acknowledging the franchise’s embarrassing issues with its tagline.

For those who scrubbed WWE 2K20 from their memories, it was a disaster from the start of its troublesome development that led to a buggy, glitchy unplayable game. It was so bad WWE 2K21 was cancelled altogether.

Even though this is an achievement from a visual standpoint, there’s  a lot we still don’t know about the upcoming video game, including gameplay, features, modes and more; but for now it hopefully could be a step in the right direction.

WWE 2K22 will release sometime this year.

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