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X-Men 4 Player Arcade1Up Cabinet Announced, Pre-orders Start On July 15th

There’s no doubt that Arcade1Up has been doing everything possible to re-create the Arcade experience. Every collection they have released includes top-tier arcade classics alongside cabinet enhancements. However, this year’s collection, in my opinion, checks off many of the features that the community has been requesting.

  • Backlit marquee – CHECK
  • WIFI for leaderboards and online matchmaking – CHECK
  • Improved joystick + buttons – CHECK

Based on this year’s collection, it appears these features are the new standard and not just for “special editions” which is great! With that said, Arcade1Up had one more cabinet to show off this year and again, this was a community-requested cabinet.

X-Men 4 Player Arcade1Up cabinet
(Preorder begin July 15th)
● Wi-Fi
● Lit Marquee
● Light Up Deck Protector
● Matching Riser
● Our first four-player Marvel game
● X-Men 4 Player Arcade
● Captain America and The Avengers
● The Avengers in Galactic Storm
If you picked up The Marvel Super Heroes cabinet, then I’m sure this is a no-brainer day one purchase to complete your X-Men home arcade collection. For all other home arcade enthusiasts (myself included) this is definitely one to keep on the purchase radar. No price or retail info has been provided. On that note, I’m sure the pricing will be similar to their other 4 player cabinets in the $400-$500 range.

Details on the Street Fighter II Big Blue, Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga, & Turtles in Time Arcade1Up Cabinets

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