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Cosmic Love’s Connor Shennan & Noel Allen on Their Journey to Find Love in The Stars

Have you ever wondered if love was written in the stars? Enter Prime Video’s Cosmic Love, a trailblazing one-of-a-kind social experiment where four individuals attempt to find their perfect spouse via astrological matchmaking. Each individual represents one of the four elements of astrology (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). Their romantic adventure takes place at a retreat run by a mystical guide, the Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer) and the show’s astrologers, best-selling authors Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins). As they mingle, match, date, eliminate, and eventually make the biggest decision of their lives… will they marry their match, based solely on their astrology?

In celebration of Cosmic Love, The Koalition spoke to Gemeni’s Connor Shennan and Pisces’ Noel Allen, to learn more about the show, astrology, overcoming bad habits and more.

Noel, the Pisces with a wandering eye, represents the element of water. While Connor is a quiet Gemini that needs to find a way to overcome his air-sign tendencies to feel more grounded.

“[Cosmic Love is] an extremely emotional journey. At the same time [it was] very eye-opening for all of us because we learned a lot about ourselves, learned a lot about what we’re looking for in a partner and learned a lot about just the cast and in general,” said Noel.

“I came in with a very open mindset. I believed in astrology. I also was very hesitant when somebody said, ‘You’re going to fall in love with somebody in four weeks.’ I was kind of like, ‘Well, ‘ No shit.’ That’s never happened before, it’s not going to happen now. I was very hesitant to get along with the process and get down in the trenches and figure stuff out. But as time [went] on, I was just trying to figure some stuff out about myself and see if my belief in astrology was not necessarily misplaced but if it was real, if I could trust the stars in astrology to guide myself through the process of figuring myself out as well as my romantic partner. That was kind of what I had hoped to get out of it. I’m open to love, I’m open to getting to know this person and I hope the process goes well enough that it could maybe end in marriage or maybe just end in something else,” said Conner.  

Pisces Noel Allen, 31, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach tapped to be the Water Element in Cosmic Love. True to his artistic and caring zodiac sign, Noel is a romantic renaissance man who loves cooking, anime, working out, and supporting his clients as they transform their bodies and lives. Raised by a Cuban American mom in New Jersey, Noel lives in Tampa, and hopes to create his own family. But here’s the (Fish) hook: Noel won’t water down his desire for both freedom and security, one of the many paradoxes of Pisces men that drive women crazy…and makes them fall crazy in love.

“For me, it was more the aspect of, ‘I’m always busy, I’m very into myself. I work on my mental [health], my spirituality, my physique, my financials. I’m always grinding. I’m always trying to improve, always trying to get better, so I never really have time to really sit down and say, ‘Hey time to find love, let me really give this girl a chance. If you fit into my schedule, cool, if you don’t, okay then, I just really can’t help you at that point in time.’ Being so driven, so goal-oriented, having the time to actually really get to know someone just based off not just off their physicality but their emotional state and everything else, just for me, was a big thing,” said Noel.

Noel continued, “[Regarding] my wandering; guys talk about it but I’m a personal trainer, I like to look at people’s bodies in general. I look at men’s bodies as well, because he has a nice chest, he has nice abs, he has nice legs like nice quads. There are certain things I just noticed as a personal trainer because that’s my whole job and I like to critique it. Maybe they need to work on this a little bit more. I like beautiful things. Who doesn’t as a man?”

“For me it was more of the aspect of just really giving astrology a chance to really guide me. At first, I wasn’t really believing [in] it, so I went with my own gut and then as time progressed and they proved to me they really know what they’re talking about, they know things about me they should not have [known]. [Are there] cameras in my house? How do they know this? Moving forward [I decided] to really just trust the process. Whatever they tell me, I’m going to take it and run with it and just do my best to see if this is right for me,” Noel finished.

Cosmic Love isn’t just about dating. The goal is also about change, as Noel and Conner must overcome their bad dating instincts to find their astrologically compatible matches. After that, that’s where the fun begins, with elements eliminating those with whom they do not see a future.

“I already knew a lot of my bad habits because I spent years reflecting on a lot of different things about myself and really trying to evolve and grow and that’s why I came here. Communication was always going to be key. I know my bad habits. I’m going to tell you, ‘Hey, this is how I feel at this point in time’ and just make it aware and know I’m trying to work on these things. I’m trying to become better at it and like when the Astro Chamber said these things, at first, I just thought it was just me. I didn’t know why I felt these ways or thought the way I thought, but then when they started breaking it down to me, ‘It’s your mercury or your rising’ or whatever the case may be ‘somewhere in your house, you feel this way because of that’ and it’s like ‘Whoa, what the hell. How do they know that?’ I take it as guidance when it comes down to astrology because there’s certain things about human beings. I feel like we’re built to adapt, so no matter what it is, we can always change it about ourselves if we really want to and put in the work and the effort,” said Noel.

For Connor Shennan, 27, who represents the Air Element in Cosmic Love. True to his zodiac sign’s curious nature, Connor needs to weigh every option before making a (gulp) decision. Will this wildland firefighter find his “twin flame” in Cosmic Love? Or will the winds of change send his attention in a new direction? A lover of music, sports and the great outdoors, Connor grew up in a close-knit Michigan family and currently lives in Phoenix.

“Our initial attraction is what we base our relationships on, so a lot of people would go in and be like, well, ‘I think she’s hot, so I’m going to go start dating her and they would ignore a lot of the red flags or the possible lack of communication or lack of connection. People need a good base and a good concrete form of communication. If your forms of communication are not the same, then you’re probably not going to have a great relationship. So, astrology is huge in helping that out,” said Connor.

“In the real world, initially we’d just be like, ‘I see that, I want that, I’m going to try and date her, and we’re going to try and force it to work.’ [But if you] base it off of astrology, you guys have the same forms of communication, you both have this space, you’re both family oriented and you don’t necessarily have to go through those trials and tribulations and waste time when it’s like, ‘Okay, so we have the same form of communication.’ I also think she’s attractive or he’s attractive and now we can kind of get together and we know this is a solid base and we can keep going forward from there rather than wasting time. Just being ‘She’s hot, I want to date her, I don’t care if it’s going to work or not,’ that’s something we all kind of had going in there. At first, we’re like, ‘Okay, this is what my eyes want’, but it’s like take a step back and then be like, ‘Okay, they’re attractive but what do they have to offer, not necessarily astrologically but how are we compatible and where do our souls and our spirits come together?’ That was something we all learned a lot about throughout the experiment,” Connor continued.

On Cosmic Love, viewers will be introduced to people from different cultures, ages, businesses, ideas and personalities. While the concept of the series may be unorthodox, the lessons learned on this show trickled into Noel and Connor’s personal lives and gave them a better understanding of people’s personalities and behaviors.

“I’m very self-reflective. I’ve been working on myself for so long, but I got to a point where I was like, ‘Maybe I need something to help push me past some of this type. Maybe [I need some] inspiration, something that was going to bring more out of me and who does a better partner or better what else could we better go to partner who could bring that out of you,” said Noel

“Looking back now and you’re seeing the people that have been in your life consistently and your long-term best friends or family. Maybe you get along better with a certain sibling than another or like a cousin or an aunt or a friend and you’re like, ‘Oh shit’ that makes sense, we have a lot of these compatibilities. You’re this sign, this sign, and this sign.’ It makes sense we stay in touch, or you have somebody who’s Aquarius that ostracizes themselves and likes time to themselves. You’re like, ‘Oh they only reach out like every couple of weeks but we’re still really close, that makes sense.’ I’m like getting much more into it because I think it’s really interesting to see how all those relationships bounce off one another,” said Connor.

To learn more about Cosmic Love check out our full interview in the video above.

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