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Back on the Strip Exclusive Clip Sees Tiffany Haddish Offering Sage Advice

Move over Magic Mike, there’s a new stripper in town and he has some friends. Wesley Snipes, Tiffany Haddish and Spence Moore II star in Back on the Strip, a hilarious and sincere coming of age story about life not always going according to plan and how make the best of new opportunities. Described a “cosmic gumbo of The Full Monty, Magic Mike and a bag of chips,” a young man moves to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of being a magician, only to end up joining a male stripper group.

Spence plays a young, aspiring magician Merlin who loses the woman of his dreams and decides to go to Las Vegas to pursue magic. And when things don’t turn out right, he ends up becoming the new lead male stripper in a famous, infamous troupe called the Chocolate Chips, who are like the black version of the Chippendales.

The Chocolate Chips broke up years ago and are probably past their prime: Tyriq, AKA Mr. Face (Bill Bellamy), was known for his handsome good looks; Desmond, AKA Mr. Body (Faizon Love), for his formerly ripped physique; Pastor Amos, AKA Mr. Slim Sexy (J.B. Smoove), was slim and super sexy; and Xander (Gary Owen), AKA Dr. X, tall, bronze, and mysterious, hid behind his mask.

He meets Luther aka Mr. Big played by Snipes, who was the lead man in the dance troupe before. He’s not dancing anymore, but he wants to revive the Chips. Inspired by Merlin he starts recruiting the original Chocolate Chips members. And comedically, we find them at different places in their lives. They’re domesticated. They’re out of shape. They have to deal with that. But they all miss that life back in the day when they were enjoying being who they were then.

As Luther shows him the ropes of the male stripping world, Verna, played by Haddish as Merlin’s supportive mother believes in her son’s dreams. But the clock is ticking to save the inn and The Cookie Club from going bankrupt. Will Merlin be able to reunite The Chocolate Chips and prove himself as a dancer and as The Amazing Merlin? He’ll need his Black Magic and his package to make their dreams come true.

As seen in this exclusive Back on the Strip clip, Verna offers Merlin some sound advice after his dreams of moving to Vegas to make it as a magician doesn’t go according to plan. Embarrassed by his predicament and losing the girl and job of his dreams, he lied to Verna because he “was tired of being the big joke.” Never one to judge her son, Verna offers Merlin encouraging advice as Luther reminds him, he can “still save this shit show.” As the scene ends, one can’t but wonder what Verna and Luther past is after she calls him “baby.”

Veteran actor Welsey Snipes is a Hollywood veteran is knowns for his roles in Major League, the original White Men Can’t JumpDemolition Man and the Blade franchise. More recently he starred in Dolemite is My Name and Coming 2 America.

Moore has appeared in a number of high-profile TV shows and movies, including The RookieAP BioAll AmericanTruth Be ToldSuperman & LoisCreed III and The Wonder Years. Rounding out the Back on the Strip cast are comedy stalwarts, including Tiffany Haddish (The Afterparty), JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Colleen Camp (Amsterdam), Faizon Love (Elf), Bill Bellamy (House Party) and Gary Owen (Ride Along).

Check out he full trailer below.

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