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My Return To CES

I’ve been going to CES since the 90’s. Back then, there were two shows, one in Chicago during the summer and one in Vegas during the winter. There was no E3 back then so if you wanted to see new games, you had to go to CES. A lot has changed since then and my last outing was in 2015. I’ve honestly been eager to go back with the hopes of reporting on some new tech!

CES 2011

In my frequent trips to CES, seeing the same tech every year got redundant. There was always new phones, new televisions and lots of things that didn’t spark interests. It was still always fun, but there was a good stretch where I was left wanting more at each outing. CES isn’t just about the tech though, it’s also about networking. Getting to eat and drink all week for free is a great benefit, but meeting colleagues from all over the globe is well worth the price of admission. My goal for this year? Cover as much cutting edge technology as I can.

The Metaverse Pavilion

Augmented Reality glasses are the next big thing and there will be an entire space dedicated to it called the Metaverse Pavilion. I plan on spending a lot of time there getting to know and learn the tech and it’s intended use. With all the advancements in VR glasses, I’m hoping to see what’s changed since I first put on my Oculus several years ago. This pavilion will also have gaming, wearables, crypto, NFT and full sensory immersion.

Gaming was the original reason I started attending CES. While the gaming experience is nothing like it was before, there will be lots of accessories, gaming laptops and controllers to get my hands on. Stern, the world renowned pinball machine manufacturer, will be unveiling something new on the CES floor. Razor always has a booth filled with mice, headphones, keyboards and controllers and they always bring something innovative to the game. Sony also uses the CES to highlight something new in gaming so I’m hoping to see a PS5 announcement.

MSI @ CES 2011

Party Time!

If there’s one thing that makes CES such a great experience, it’s the parties! Coming back this year are Showstoppers, Pepcom and the big opener, CES Unveiled! Then you have the after parties all over town offering libations, treats and sometimes even gifts and prizes! It’s nice to know that after walking 20,000 steps and meeting 100’s of people, you can sit down relax and put things in perspective. If you’re interested in attending any parties, hit up the CES Partylist.

Davis Daily

While my coverage of CES won’t be live, it will be posted after the show on Davis Daily on Youtube and right here on The Koalition. I hope this trip is the first of many to come as I fall down the rabbit hole of what I truly love. If there’s anything you’re looking to see or get more info on, post in the comments section and I’ll be your personal tech runner.

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