Power Book II: Ghost S3 E4 “Land of Opportunity” Review – Powercast 100

This week, the Powercast reviews Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 4 “Land of Opportunity”

Spoiler Alert!

In this episode, Obi forces the crew to sell a bunch of guns. Gordo suggests a buyer for the guns who happens to be a C.I. Lauren tells Jenny about the rooftop on campus. Saxe takes a picture of Lauren’s phone number on Jenny’s phone. Cane makes Effie aware that he knows she got rid of Lauren, and Effie asks that he doesn’t tell Tariq. Monet and Diana set up Witman to break into their family home, and then Monet kills him. And Monet gets a file from Davis McLean about Zeke’s murder, and the file shows Lorenzo’s fingerprints being at the scene of the murder.

We discuss all of these events and more!

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