Power Book II: Ghost S3 E7 “Deal or No Deal” Review – Powercast 103

In this episode of the Powercast, we review Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 7 “Deal or No Deal”.


Brayden learns about Lucas and Keke’s Ponzi scheme at Weston Holdings. Tariq convinces Lauren that he wasn’t in on her murder attempt and she tells him about the rico against him and the Tejada family. She then tells him that Saxe is cooperating with the Rico. Jenny Sullivan and Blanca catch Effie on camera at the rooftop. Monet orchestrates a plan to end the war with the Russians while pinning Lorenzo’s murder on Kai and Gordo. Dru murders Gordo after learning of his involvement in his father’s murder. Blanca and the DEA decide they have enough evidence and bust Diana at her family home.

We discuss this and more on the Powercast. Leave your comments below!

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