Power Book II: Ghost S3 E9 “A Last Gift” Review – Powercast 105

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We recap Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Episode 9 “A Last Gift”


Jenny Sullivan mourns the death of Cooper Saxe. Evelyn warns Monet about Gordo’s disappearance, Dru agrees that it’s time to get rid of the Castillos. With her dying breath, Evelyn tells Dru that Monet wanted Gordo to kill Lorenzo. Tate decides to expose Weston Holdings to boost his campaign. Lucas bails on KeKe when agents show up to investigate the firm. Brayden watches his father be brought in for questioning. Brayden pushes Lucas from his balcony, killing him. 2-Bit reveals to Tariq that he got information sent from Saxe about the whereabouts of his family. Tariq gives up his car in exchange. Tariq witnesses Tommy showing up where Tasha, Yaz, and his grandmother are staying. Tariq and Tommy face off with guns until Tariq is knocked out. Tariq wakes up to Tameika telling him that Tasha is missing.

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